Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Pretty good day

I'm tired and heading to bed soon, but I had a pretty good day. It's always a good idea to note these things, perhaps as a reminder when you have really, spectacularly crappy days.

1. It appears I will soon be off the EI bandwagon. Perhaps not perminently, but at least for several weeks or months. The Department of Environment for the territorial government needs someone to handle communications work for them. They liked my resume and once the HR stuff gets cleared up in the next few days, I should be starting early next week.

Could it spin into something permanent? Perhaps. Government hiring can be a...tangly business. But along with saving my fragile sanity and giving me a nice paycheck, it's also a foot in the door. So this is good.

2. Cathy's parent's package arrived filled with Christmas gifts that we're not allowed to open for the next 3.5 weeks. Which will be torturous for Cathy, but it's nice that they're here. Christmas is going to be rough on her, as she's used to being around her rather large and occasionaly crazy (but really quite nice) family. So the gifts are a nice way of keeping her happy. That, and a really large phone bill on Christmas Day.

3. Our new TV set arrived. A 32" HD LCD Sharp. Nice picture, although since we're only using basic cable, it's not as sharp as it could be. Satellite would likely be better, but one battle at a time. Also adding to the good mood was that we got it on sale and shipping was only $30. I asked the guy at Canada Post how much it would normally cost to ship a 30 kg tv set Priority Post. He figured about $400.

So yeah, I'm wondering if The Source is going to be changing their shipping police to Nunavut anytime soon because of us.

4. The team I'm on won at curling. I realize it's only for fun (I keep chanting this to myself. I was an enfant terrible when I was a teen curling. It's one of the reasons I quit after high school. I disliked being an asshole when I played), but it was still nice. But the best part was, it was a close game, the teams were chatting with each other throughout and it came down to the last shot. Whether you're winning or losing 12-1, it's awfully dull. Winning or losing 7-6 is better. Although, you know, winning 7-6 is marginally better.

So a good day. Here's hoping they keep rolling.

Tomorrow, more snarkiness on the election. Because you can never get enough snarkiness on the election, right?

Last 5 on iPod
1. Atlantic blue - Ron Hynes (Cryer's Paradise)
2. Spitting games - Snow Patrol (Final Straw)
3. Rain please go away - Alison Krauss and Union Station (Lonely Runs Both Ways)
4. Nautical disaster - The Tragically Hip (Hipeponymous)
5. The old apartment - Barenaked Ladies (All Their Greatest Hits)


Brian Williams said...

You should have ordered more stuff from Source at that shipping rate. 99.9% chance it will be your last shipment at that rate. Some poor sod could end up taking your place on the pogy roll.

Anonymous said...

YAY! Good on ya, Craig.

towniebastard said...

Thanks, Nancy...

Sure b'y said...

Congrats Craig.