Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Blunt warnings

I have no problem with Parks Canada putting up blunter warning signs around Cape Spear after two people have been swept off the rocks and drowned in the past two months. But really, that's about all you can do.

I don't think you can put up would be too expensive, ugly and too easy to get around (Are you going to put barb wire on top? Electrify it?). More people wandering the grounds? You can't be everywhere or everytime someone goes to visit the park. There is nothing else to do. So by all means, put up signs with much stronger language. Put up the number of people who have died by going out on the rocks over the years. Put up a few more signs, just in case they missed the other 50 or so that say going out on the rocks is a tremendously bad idea.

At some point you've got to just say you've done all you can. You can only protect against human nature so much. I mean, you must figure that everyone going out to Cape Spear these days is hearing someone died by going out on the rocks recently and yet this last guy still did it. If people are determined to go out on the rocks, then all the signs in the world won't change that. And their family and friends will have to live with the consquence because odds are they won't. Frankly, I'm amazed more people don't die out there. I was surprised that it had been 10 years or more since there was a death up until the last two.

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