Monday, November 28, 2005

No go...

So Jack Harris has decided against running in St. John's East in the upcoming federal election (As an aside, someone from CBC really needs to edit that story again. It was obviously done in a rush).

I've mixed feelings on that. On the one hand, I think it's a good decision for him personally. He obviously wants to spend more time with his family. He's done with politics and a federal commitment is going to cost as much, if not more, time.

On the other hand, I think would have made a good MP. And he would have given Norm Doyle a decent run in the riding. He would have finished at least second. Liberal Paul Antle is an unknown quantity and is going to have his work cut out for him beating Doyle.

As for Fabian Manning running in Avalon, why the hell not? He's obviously never getting back into caucus. Danny Williams is going to run some loyal lapdog in that district next election, making it difficult for Manning to get reelected. And he would have an excellent chance of winning Avalon should he run. Most of the southern Avalon is Conservative. And if he's really lucky the Liberals will pick Art Reid to run for them. It will be a gift from upon high.

Speaking of gifts, here's one for Fabian should he run and goes up against Reid. This should be a campaign poster/ad at some point during the election.

Set-up: A woman in her mid-30s, professional dressed, standing up in a kitchen with a fry pan, looking vaguely pissed off.

Caption: Art Reid belives this is where a woman belongs. We disagree.

(In small type, run the Hansard web address with Reid's comments)

Fabian Manning: Conservative.

Then you run it until Reid's eyes start to bleed and that temper he's so well known for goes off and his head explodes. Then pack your bags and move to Ottawa.

I've going to have fun the next six weeks, I can tell you that right now...

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