Monday, November 28, 2005

The weekend that was...

So once again, I failed to post anything new on the weekend. Sorry about that. I'll try not to make it a regular thing. So what were we up to?

1. I spent most of Saturday tending to a sick wife. She showed her gratitude by....making brownies and chocolate chip cookies on Sunday. This whole being married thing kind of rocks when you get brownies and cookies on top of all the other perks as well.

2. When not fighting the cold, we found time to go to the big event on the Iqaluit Christmas calander...The Christmas Craft Fair. It's so big, it took up two schools - the elementary and high school. Surprisingly, though, we didn't pick up that much. Too much of the stuff there was, to be honest, junk being sold by white people. Cathy was hoping to get a pair of locally made sealskin boots, but the cheapest we saw them for was $500, which was well out of our price range right now.

There was some nice stuff there, just not what we needed for gifts for family and friends, or even for ourselves.

3. I also managed to get most of my Christmas shopping done. As you can imagine, it's a bit of a challlenge. You have a limited selection up north, it tends to be pricey and then there is the additional expense of shipping it down south. You can shop online, but here is the one thing I've discovered about that. If you have an idea of what you're looking for, shopping online is fun. If you're like me and don''t have a clue what to buy and use your time in the malls and downtown to scout for gifts before buying, then online shopping is a bitch. Still, I managed to get mom and dad taken care of.

Now, I just need to take care of Cathy, where there is the double whammy of not only Christmas, but her birthday is Christmas Eve.

4. I also watched a lot of football on Sunday, where I saw the strangest thing I've seen in pro sports in awhile. Three teams that I'm cheering for all won when the teams they were playing against missing game winning, or tying, field goals. In the case of the Giants vs. Seahawks, the poor, doomed, soon to be unemployed field goal kicker missed three game winning attempts. The other two were the Chargers over the Redskins and Bears over the Bucs.

4 (a). Cathy also prayed that our new tv set arrives this week so she no longer has to watch football all day Sunday.

5. I realize I should have watched the Grey Cup, but I just couldn't get into the CFL this year. Pity, though. Looks like it was a great game. Double overtime. There's something you don't see in the Super Bowl.

6. Finall saw Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Sunday night. Good, but not as good as The Prisisoner of Azkaban. Granted, they had a lot to adapt and managed to get most of it in. And the things that were not there in the movie that I disliked weren't really in the books much either (than Ron and Hermonie practically disappear in the last half). I also thought the general cinematic look if Azkaban was better. Still, the special effects were top notch (I guess all that money was spent wisely) and, you know, the kids are really becoming quite good actors.

I'm actually looking forward to the next one - The Order of the Phoenix. My problem with this movie is that it is based on one of the best novels in the series and it's unfortunate some of the cuts were made (but had to be). Order of the Phoenix is widely regarded as the weakest of the books, partially because Rowling really should have cut about 100 pages and tightened things up. With so much obvious stuff to cut (a lot of Harry's teen angst can go), they might make a nice, tight movie out of the meandering mess that was the novel.

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