Friday, November 18, 2005

One more black and white

I was going through some of the photos on my computer when I remembered I had this one. One more reason why I love black and white.

This was taken, I think, back on New Year's Eve 1998/99. It was when I was beginning to figure out how to use a SLR camera (the good old reliable Pentax K1000, which I later used on the biker photo below).

The gentleman in question is Mark Dyke, happily passed out with his really nice bottle of scotch at about three in the morning. The party in question was at Anne Martin's, where I've done New Year's ever year since 1998. This year will be the first year in ages where myself and Cathy won't be there and it really sucks.

Anyway, I was screwing around with the camera, trying to shoot stuff without using a flash. I lucked into this pic, which has become a favourite among our circle of friends.

Last 5 on iPod
1. War - Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band (Live: 1975-85)
2. Sleeps with butterflies - Tori Amos (The Beekeeper)
3. 17 again - Eurthymics (Ultimate Collection)
4. Oh well - Fiona Apple (Extraordinary Machine)
5. Surrender - U2 (War)

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