Thursday, November 10, 2005

Two blogger questions

1. Curious about some of the weird information I was looking at on Sitemeter I went digging back through some of my old posts and found them covered in spam. I must have deleted about 30 spam messages. Normally if I see spam in the recent messages, I'll delete, but this one asshole had been spamming a message from back in mid-September repeatedly.

I realize it might be just the price of having a blog and that, really, how many people are reading those old messages and how many actually click the link? But it still annoys me. Does anyone have a piece of code or something for blocking spam messages, short of having to screen every message before I allow it to be posted?

2. Also, does anyone know how to get a photo up in the corner where I describe myself? I've tried, but the program that blogger uses only works if I have a Windows based computer and I blog on my Mac (and shame on you those of you coming here using Explorer as your browser. At least go and get Firefox or something if you won't switch to Mac). Any suggestions, again, would be appreciated.

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4. Nightingale - Norah Jones (Come Away With Me)
5. Love you to - The Bealtes (Revolver)


Anonymous said...

Hi Craig. The photo has to have a URL. So you can either upload one to your blog (might want to set the date a few months back into your archives), or you can join flickr or some other photo site, and use the url they assign to the the photo.

There may be an easier way but... well... that's what I do! (shrugs)

STAR MONK said...

Blogger has a way to block spam comments. Do a search in help.

His Nibs said...

Turn on 'word verification', which makes users type in a graphic that spammers have a hard(er) time decyphering:

His Nibs said...

Go to 'edit user profile', and scroll down until you see 'Photograph'. Enter the Photo URL (of a photo you've allready out online), and you're set. Be aware that the size of the photo in KB can't be too big.