Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Since I left The Express I've managed to liberate Tuesdays from my list of hated days. Tuesdays are deadline day at the paper, which means you're normally running flat out from 8:30 in the morning until the paper hits the press around 7 p.m. That means writing stories, editing copy, proofing pages, taking last minute photos and lots of other things.

I usually did a lot on Tuesdays because, well, I'm an idiot. I seem to thrive off that extra focus you get when you have looming deadlines and a sobbing editor nearby. Steve was bald before he ever joined The Express, but if he hadn't been, I would have drove him there. I think my record for a Tuesday was four stories, a column and an editorial. Plus assorted editing, page proofing and I probably was press proofing that night as well.

If nothing else, Cathy is glad my Express days are behind me because I was useless when I got home. The andreline rush normally wore off on the way home from work, meaning my brain was mush by the time I got home.

But now, I can enjoy Tuesdays. I get up, check the iTunes store to see if there is any new music I want and poke around on a few new release sites to see what DVDs are coming out. Tuesdays have most of my favourite TV shows, such as House, My Name is Earl, NCIS and, once it gets back on track next season, The Amazing Race. I even go and grab a game of pick-up curling if I feel like it.

So yeah, I like Tuesdays now. It's a good day.

And for my former Express colleagues running mad today trying to get the paper out...hang in there. Or as Donnie would say "Now is a good time for a beer. Then again, any time is a good time for a beer."

Last 5 on iPod
1. Martha's foolish ginger - Tori Amos (The Beekeeper)
2. Back in the USSR - The Beatles (White Album)
3. All my loving - Me First and the Gimmie Gimmies (Blow In The Wind)
4. Diamonds on the soles of my shoes - Paul Simon (Graceland)
5. Closing the door and opening the window - Drive (Jevohah's Witness Protection Program)

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