Tuesday, November 29, 2005


To anyone in Newfoundland reading this - the first politican that shows up at your door and makes a quip about how cold it is campaigning during a Christmas election, feel free to quote from this CBC storyabout the challenges of campaigning in the arctic, especially in Nunavut. Among those challenges include temperatures hitting -60, 24 hours of darkness and deadly blizzards.

I love how Cambridge Bay MLA Keith Peterson says that anyone who doesn't go door-to-door in this campaign should be considered a "wimp". Brilliant.

So the first person that shows up and says it's "some cold" when it's -5 or something, tell them they're a wimp and to stop complaining. No one put a gun to their head and told them to run. And that there are people who obviously must want the job more, because they're willing to put up with a lot worse.

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Miss Scarlet said...

Mmmm love The Decemberists:)

Scotty said...

I fully agree about the complaining campaigners. It is bad enough when they can't answer your questions about the issues, let alone when they complain about having to actually work to get re-elected