Tuesday, November 01, 2005

An assortment of things...

1. Grrr....neither The Packet nor The Express have updated their sites. I need my news, damn it.

2. While I appreciate this link is only good for today, but I found the the front page of The Telegram funny today. First, it's the day after Halloween and the best picture you got is a kid feeding ducks in Bowring Park? Secondly, during my brief summer replacement stint with the paper about 10 years ago, I recall the editor coming into a story meeting, throwing the paper of the day on the table and saying "That's it. There is an official moratorium on photos of icebergs and birds at Bowring Park." I guess the ban on birds is off.

3. On the off-chance that any of you were planning on listening to me on Raven Rock today, that won't be happening. The guy training me in on the board had to fly to Ottawa for an emergency meeting with officials. Apparently a just fired volunteer DJ said some things on air he shouldn't have. I wasn't told what they were, only that "you'll probably be reading about it in the paper later this week." Oooops.

4. I think I'm also going to skip curling this evening. Tuesdays are generally pick-up games. Wednesday is when the mixed league plays. And I was that battered after last Tuesday's game that I couldn't curl the next day. I realize people think that curling can't be that physically hard to play, and it isn't if you're a skip. You can look like Ed Werenich back in the day (in case you don't know who he is, think over-weight middle aged white guy. Great curler, not in great shape) and get away with it. If you shoot lead or second stones and you're out of shape (which I am) you will be punished for it. You have to sweep 6 stones an end, which is harder than it looks. Plus, I don't have the right shoes, which also makes things hard.

5. Oh, and this story was in today's Globe and Mail. Just in case you want to know what an attractive curler looks like and would like to have pictures of them hanging on your wall.

6. House returns to tv tonight, now that the break forced by the baseball playoffs are over. It is my current favourite show on tv, although the revamped The West Wing is a reasonable second. I've always had a weakness for arrogant bastard characters, especially ones who are smart enough to back it up. Which is why I like the show. It's very intelligent. And it makes me laugh more than most sitcoms. I also like that the House site includes the music used in an episode. I've got to hunt down that version of Beautiful by Elvis Costello.

Buy the first season DVD if you get the chance. It also contains the best single hour of television in the 2004-05 season, Three Stories. When you realize what the episode is really about, 40 minutes in, it becomes that much more powerful.

Last 5 on iPod
1. Mother revolution - Tori Amos (The Beekeeper)
2. I like you - The Pursuit of Happiness (The Wonderful World of...)
3. False hearted love - Ron Hynes (Cryer's Paraside)
4. Why don't you come over? - Garbage (Bleed Like Me)
5. Miss teen wordpower - The New Pornographers (Electric Version)

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