Friday, November 25, 2005


As my wife will tell you, I'm a large geek. She knows this, accepts this and probably even loves it a bit. It's baffling to her, the 10,000 comic books, the scary amount of sci-fi knowledge and my stadfast declaration that anyone who chooses to use a Windows computer over a Mac needs their head examined.

However, I like to think of myself and as high functioning geek. Yes, I know tons of useless information. However, I can carry on conversations with normal human beings, plus I bathe daily. And I think having a relatively normal wife should count for something as well.

But this is too much geek even for me. This is actually terrifying on the geek scale. It's the Ultimate Star Trek Collection.

Yes, it's every single Star Trek movie and television episode (with the exception of the animated series, which I don't think is out on DVD yet). I can't even add up how many hours that would involve sitting in from of the television. A month at least. Providing you didn't sleep. Or bathe.

While we own a fair number of tv shows on DVD, we don't own any of the Trek shows because they are A. Repeated to death on Space and B. Vastly overpriced. A typical season of Trek goes for more than $100. I can get West Wing for about $50.

You may notice that this is from Amazon in the U.S. and that there is no price. Fortunately, TV Shows on DVD, where I originally found the link, does have the price - $2,499 U.S..

Sure, I'll get the Ultimate Star Trek Collection and an XBox 360 for Christmas. We're made of money. Why not. By the way, to add to the chills, if you actually have $2,500 to blow on this you're saving money. To buy the sets on their own would likely spend $3,500.

And I thought the complete Sex in the City and the complete Buffy the Vampire Slayer was odd.

By the way, the Ultimate Trek is also sold out, which means that people have been snapping this up.

We live in weird times, my friends....

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Jason Bartlett said...

I can't say seeing them offered as a giant box set is a surprise. I'm not even surprised that someone would buy it. What will surprise me is when it shows up in Qatar to go with the four seasons of Will and Grace that are constantly sold here.

towniebastard said...

So in an area of the world that generally frowns upon homsexuality, a best selling DVD set is of two gay men and the crazy, bossy women in their lives...yup, that's pretty weird. Even weirder than the edited, revised version of The Simpsons that's suppose to be airing over there.

However, if Queer Eye for the Straight Guy starts showing up for sale over there, then you will have officially entered surreal territory.

Jason Bartlett said...

It gets odder. The traditional Arab male greeting is a kiss on the cheek.Also one holds hands as you walk with a friend. I see this every day numerous times and after awhile it doesn't even phase you.

towniebastard said...

I saw similar things in South Korea. A treasured memory of mine is coming late to one of the traditional spring riots (University students frequently rioted back then in the hopes of delaying exams). I saw two men in full riot gear - helmets, vests, batons, tear gas cannisters, mace, you name it - walking down the street holding hands.

And one of them had tucked into his belt, a roll of toilet paper. I desperately wanted to take a photo, but, you know, they could have beaten, maced, pepper sprayed and for all I know, tasered me, without breaking much of a sweat. They probably could have done it while still holding hands.