Friday, November 04, 2005

Mixed links

A few things I've put aside that I've meaning to post on, but kept forgetting to...

1. John Gushue beat me to the punch by posting this exerpt on the rush to provide content for the new iPod. Pornographic content, of course. There is also these articles talking about similar things.

It does make me consider three things. First, what is the legality of looking at explicit pronorgraphic material in public? Granted, it's on a wee screen and you would have to be seriously looking over someone's shoulder, but stil. Secondly, why would you want to look at porn in public? Wouldn't that make things...uncomfortable.

And third, care to place a bet how long it takes before someone gets busted looking at child porn on one of these things? I say less than a year.

The article says being able to hunt for iPorn might not have been what Steve Jobs (Apple's CEO) had in mind when he launched it. I say he knew it was going to happen. He's too smart not to know. These days, anytime a new technology emergences the first question that is asked it, "Are there any porn applications possible with this device."

2. Alas, the possibility of seeing any more of Serenity movies or TV doesn't look good. Which is a pity because I really liked it. So did Cathy, although she would like to have a few words with Mr. Whedon about some of the deaths that occur in the movie. Despite lots of critical praise, the movie looks to lose money. Worldwide it's made $5 million less than it cost. But remember, studios get about 55% of the box office, theatres the rest. So, worldwide the movie has made the studio about $20 million. It's still possible, with DVD sales, etc, that it might make money, but it's doubtful.

Maybe that's why the movie is coming out on DVD before Christmas.

3. I know people that would love this, providing it tastes good. Ladies and gentleman, I give you Coffee Beer.

4. This article is also for one of my friends who would like Coffee Beer quite a bit. He also likes trebuchets and has talked openly of building one sometime soon. I really shouldn't have to say that he, and some of my other friends (you know who you are) shouldn't do what this sure-to-be Darwin Award Winner did. But oddly, I do feel the need to say For the love of Christ, don't do this!

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