Thursday, November 24, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving...

I've never been much of one for the Canadian Thanksgiving and American Thanksgiving puzzles me even moreso. I mean, the travel and fuss are beyond me, especially since you have to do it all over again in a month's time. Why would you go through that much hassle twice in a year, let alone a month.

Then again, I've never been much of a Christmas person either, although that's changed since I started going out with Cathy. Her birthday is Christmas Eve. Today, in fact, makes it a mere one month until her birthday. She is celebrating this momentous occasion by being home sick. She's been fighting a cold for a week or more. She finally caved today. In fact, she's the last teacher at her school to take a sick day. That's pretty impressive, I think.

Anyway, for the few Americans who I know visit the site, or my friends in the U.S., I present to you some heartwarming joy from one of my favourite writers, that cruel English bastard, Warren Ellis.

"Are you Yankee dogs doing that Thanksgiving shit this weekend? I lose track of time.

Because if you are, that means it's time for English Thanksgiving, where we give thanks to our ancestors for throwing all the creepy religious types into boats and floating them off to a continent cursed by earthquakes, hurricanes and tornados.

What are you people doing for Gnawing On Turkey America Day? All pissing off away to be shrieked at by estranged family members, puked on by children you've never seen before and drunkenly pawed in the middle of the night by mom's new boyfriend, I trust?"

Happy Thanksgiving, one and all...

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1. Fly me to the moon - Diana Krall (Live in Paris)
2. 50 ways to leave your lover - Paul Simon (Love Songs and Negotiations)
3. Rat race - The Specials (Best of the Specials)
4. Til kingdom come - Coldplay (X & Y)
5. Nothing compates 2 U - Me First and the Gimmie Gimmies (Take A Break)

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