Friday, December 02, 2005

More geekdom

When you're a young and budding geek, there are several ways you can go. For awhile it was a toss-up between comic books and model kit building. Then the money dried up (well, the parental supply of money dried up) and I had to pick one. I'm sure my parents would have preferred I picked something other than comics, but I did and there you go.

But lots of kids pick sports cards. Some pick coins. Others become budding philatists.

I never really considered the last three. Always stuck me as kind of boring. There wasn't much to read, not much to look at. But always becareful criticizing someone elses hobby. It's not like I've got the most glamouous hobby in the world. People like collecting things. For the most part, there's nothing wrong with it. It's fun, relaxing, a nice diversion and if you're good at it, a way of making money.

Unless you're collecting human body parts. Then, yeah, there's something significantly wrong with that. And just in case anyone is reading this that actually does that, really, seriously, you should stop that. Now.

Anyway, I'm just saying, cards, coins and stamps never really did it for me. Unless you can magically connect comics to them. Which is why I bought cards with links to comic books for a bit. Until I discovered that cards were still really boring even if you put comic book related stuff on them. However, after reading this story, I might just have to get some of these stamps.

Not entirely sure what I'll do with them once I get them, but that's something you often find with collectors. They want it. Not entirely sure what they'll do with it once they get it, but they still want it. And I want these. They're pretty. Apparently, there's a set based on Marvel characters coming out in 2007. It's a long time away, but I can wait. That's also something you're used to if you collect comics. Waiting.

Last 5 on iPod
1. Our faces split the coast in half - Broken Social Scene (S/T)
2. Refugee - Melissa Etheridge (The Road Less Travelled)
3. John Barbour - Anita Best and Pamela Morgan (The Colour of Amber)
4. The silver dove - Jenny Gear and the Whiskey Kittens (S/T)
5. Bright smile - Josh Ritter (Hello Starling)

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