Tuesday, December 27, 2005

And we're back...

So it was a low key Christmas, but still a pretty nice one. Fortunately after four years (how long we've been going out, plus married) myself and Cathy still very much enjoy one another's company. I know some couples who need to get away from the other every now and then. Not that they don't love each other, they just need to go out for a night with the girls or boys and do things separately a couple of times a week or they get on one another's nerves.

We're not like that. So spending all Boxing Day curled up on the couch watching West Wing and Veronica Mars is a perfectly lovely way to kill a day off.

That, and being on the phone a lot. Many, many phone calls to friends and family. It was nice to hear voices from home. I strongly suspect we'll be home next Christmas.

We both did fine gift wise. Even though we bought a TV set as a joint gift, there was the loophole of stockings to fill, so I suspect we both blew our agreed to budgets. Cathy loved her birthday gift, which was pajamas with feet. I appreciate that this may seem silly to many, but not to all the women who read this blog. Yes, one piece pjs, covered feet and all. Took three hours of hunting online before I found them. But she loves them, so clearly it was worth it.

And both our parents sent tons of stuff. Being away from home has small advantages, one of them is apparently the bounty you get in gifts.

I also got my own Christmas miracle in that both my parents liked their gifts. I bought mom a gold necklace with a small arctic diamond in the shape of a star. You have to know my mom. While a lovely, amazing, generous woman, she is a thorough pain in the ass to buy gifts for and I have told her this. So the fact that she loves her necklace boarders on the miraculous.

My dad isn't nearly as difficult to buy for, but it can still be hard. I got him some MEC clothing plus a sculpture of a hunter in a kayak from a store here in Iqaluit. That seems to have made him happy.

I must say, while not an ideal Christmas, being this far away from people, I've had much worse. I got to spend it with Cathy and I didn't feel like I was running to stand still as I can sometimes with all the family commitments on both sides. I certainly found it relaxing enough...

Last 5 on iPod
1. Shakedown on 8th street - Ryan Adams (Heartbreaker)
2. Ohio - Neil Young (Greatest Hits)
3. Knickerbocker Line/Drowsy Maggie - The Flash Girls (The Return of Violent Jones and Pansy Smith)
4. All the pretty faces - Joel Plaskett Emergency (Truthfully, Truthfully)
5. New Orleans is sinking - Tragically Hip (Live Between Us)

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