Monday, December 12, 2005

Busy week

Yes, I know, I'm hardly alone in this regard. But I have to go and watch the school Christmas show tomorrow. Obviously we don't have any kids there, but this is part of the "Help Keep Cathy Sane" process that I'm working through right now. Between the kids in her class bouncing off the walls because it's the last week of classes and the fact that we're not going home for Christmas this year, well, let's just say I'm giving all the love and support I can to my wonderful wife.

Why are we not going home for Christmas? Well, I can think of about 4,500 reasons (i.e. The cost of two return plane tickets from Iqaluit to St. John's). Add on to it that I've just spent most of the fall sucking off the government tit, as it were, and we really don't have that kind of money to spend right.

Anyway, Wednesday is curling (where I get to gloat about Newfoundland going to the Olympics. No, I did not mean Canada), Thursday is her school's staff Christmas party. And at some point we would like to see the Chronicles of Narnia and Walk The Line. So if my blogging gets a little wonky later this week, do find it in your hearts to cut me a break.

In the meantime, some links of collected over the weekend that might amuse you, my loyal web surfers. I'm getting about 100 hits a day right now. And while I appreciate that's a piddling number compared to most blogs, I'm still kind of flattered that enough people like what I write to swing by and take a look. So thanks.

1. They Live! Oh, this is going to be good once it gets going. One of my favourite animated series was a sick and twisted little cartoon called Sam and Max. I so loved the cartoon that I named my two (now deceased) cats after them. I'm not sure how many will get a kick out of their resurrection, but I do and I will be eagerly checking in to see what happens next.

2. Cathy thinks this is just wrong. I'm not the biggest Winnie the Pooh fan on the planet (I just don't get it), but I'm inclined to agree. But I'm sure we'll all agree that it's not surprising that Disney would mess it up.

3. There's been plenty of articles written about the homosexual subtext between Batman and Robin. Indeed, if you read Fredric Wertham's Seduction of the Innocent you'll probably be convinced there was some seriously weird things happening between the Cape Crusader and the Boy Wonder. Apparently we were looking in the wrong direction.

It's very funny, but seriously weird. I think this guy has too much time on his hands, but it's still pretty damn funny. And no matter how many times myself and other comic book fans like to proclaim that comics have grown up as a medium, man, there are still some seriously crappy comics out there.

4. Some award-winning nature photos. I mention this only for two reasons. One, the winning shot of the owl is amazing. Secondly, the shot of the bear (towards the bottom) is crazy. I don't care if you do have a 200 mm lens. There's no way I get close enough to a bear to get that pic.

Last 5 on iPod
1. Irma - The Magnetic Fields (I)
2. No one quite like you - The Novaks (The Novaks)
3. Lullaby of London - The Pogues (If I Should Fall From Grace With God)
4. Oh Susanna - The Be Good Tanyas (Blue Horse)
5. Sign of the rainbow - Robbie Robertson (Storyville)


Chris Sims said...

"Too much" doesn't even begin to describe how much time I have on my hands. And to be fair, that comic was from 20+ years ago.

towniebastard said...

This is true...however it is awfully close to, if not in, the time frame in which comics are suppose to be taken more seriously.

Then again, I hardly need to go back 20 years to find bad comics. i was finding them pretty easily earlier the year.