Friday, December 23, 2005

Thought for the day

I hadn't been paying much attention to the whole legality of sex clubs decision made by the Supreme Court of Canada on Wednesday. It's not likely I will ever frequent one, nor is it likely one is going to open up in Iqaluit anytime soon. And I don't particularly care what people do behind closed doors.

However, I could see one opening in St. John's in a few years. I interviewed someone with The Express who ran a Newfoundland swingers site online. The strip clubs in town have become more agressive recently, what with the incident at Bubbles earlier the year. So yeah, it's possible.

But here's the question that hit me today and me wonder: If this hypothetical sex club opened in St. John's and people were doing like they do in Montreal and having sex at this club, but behind closed doors, would they have to go outside for the post-sex cigarette?


Legally, I think they would have to. That could suck, especially in Febraury.

Oh, and for those curious...the third package didn't show up. Which meant some scrabling around Iqaluit today. Curses.

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