Thursday, December 22, 2005

That was interesting...

Two gifts down, one to go. One day left to go. It's down to the wire, folks. Will I get all of Cathy's gifts before the Post Office closes? Stay tuned.

I haven't mentioned much about the federal election campaign in Nunavut because, really, there hasn't been much of one. There are five candidates. Well, four right now after the NDP candidate backed out of the race for no apparent reason.

But seriously, there are no signs. No one is banging on doors around here. Most of the candidates aren't even located in Iqaluit and I don't think any of them have been here yet. It's an odd, odd campaign. Certainly the oddest I've ever seen. Or not seen at all, as it happens. This article from the Ottawa Citizen actually does a pretty good job explaining how strange federal politics are up north. It seems even more incestuous than Newfoundland politics, which I wasn't sure was possible.

I've haven't really decided who I'm voting for yet. Nobody I've spoken with seems all that impressed with the Liberal candidate although they all seem to think she will win. The Conservative candidate is waaaayyyy to the right, apparently. In a "Makes Stephen Harper look like a communist" sort of way. The NDP just lost their person so that campaign is rocking along. The Green candidate is just getting back to the territory from school down south.

And I have the sneaking suspicion the Marijuana candidate is actually caucusing on my floor in this apartment complex. Oh, and he's facing criminal charges. Guess what over?

Still, it'll be interesting to see what they all make over this little bomb that Harper through into the campaign today. It's too early to gauge reaction in Iqaluit so far. The couple of people I've heard speaking about it are of the "Thank Christ, it's about time someone down South finally clued into how badly needed this is." However, it's worth mentioning they were white.

I'm curious to hear what the Inuit think of the idea. Nunavut is 85 per cent Inuit. It is their land. I'm not sure how far this idea is going if Inuit leaders come out against it. However, considering how much money it could inject into the local economy, unless they want to build it on a hunting ground, then I suspect they will be in favour of it.

Of course, it's an election. No one believes Harper is going to win a majority unless there is a major swing in the New Year. So we'll see how far that promise goes. But right now, I suspect he's got the attention of a lot of people around here.

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