Friday, January 27, 2006

Your job doesn't suck as much as you think

It can always be worse, my friends. Oh yes...

(Courtesy of my good friend Chris Myrick's excellent Asia Pundit. He's also posting some good stuff on Google's decision to block certain information and sites from China.)

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Jason Bartlett said...

Ha, a riot and I knew damn well there was no such thing as Tianiman Squares!

John Mutford said...

Okay, so I've been checking out your blog and, as you probably already know, you're not an idiot!

Btw, I lived in Rankin Inlet for a few years, so I'm interested in your thoughts on Iqaluit.

Also, it says in your profile that you're still involved in media. A friend of a friend of ours, moved to Iqaluit from Rankin recently to work with the CBC- Joanne Stasen? Would you know her by chance? And also the original friend (confusing, I know) is also living there. She's a nursing student named Debbie Montpetit. I know Iqaluit's a fair size place, but if you happen to meet them, say hi.

towniebastard said...

Deny it all you want, Jason, but we had you a good solid two weeks on the Tianiman Date Squares. But you were so young and well, an easy target, when you walked into the Muse that faithful day back in 1993. I almost feel bad how we took advantage of you...;)

towniebastard said...

I've heard Joanne on the radio, but I've never met her. I'm not doing journalism so much these days (should get around to updating the profile), but doing some casual work with the government.

Haven't met Debbie, but we're still getting to know people in town. Myself and Cathy tend to do things on our own, so sometimes it takes us awhile to get out and meet people.

As for Iqaluit, we like it so far. You miss some ameninties at times, but it's a nice enough place. I just wish the plane ticekts were cheaper. Just when you thought you would never find a place more ridiculously expensive to fly out of then St. John's, you move to Iqaluit.