Sunday, January 22, 2006

Goodbye West Wing, Hello Tick

I had just finished watching yet another good West Wing where it became obvious how Santos was going to beat Vinnick. All season Santos has been behind and it has looked hopeless. Obviously, the writers were going to drag something out. Some scandal or controversy that would bring him down. And a near nuclear accident in a plant in California, that Vinnick championed, appears to be the thing that's going to decide it.

I'm glad that's how it's going to happen. Throughout this season, West Wing has been running an idealized presidential election, without the smears and mostly on issues. It's been entertaining to watch. And they didn't make nuclear power an easy fall guy. Instead, there were good and bad points about it. Very intelligently written. Not as good as the writing in the first three seasons, but still good stuff.

So naturally, NBC announced the show is done as of May 14. Not a big surprise, I'm sad to say. NBC appears to be run by monkeys this season. So rather than moving the show to a time slot where it might have a chance, they canned it instead. Genuis.

All of this and Commander-in-Chief is still on the air. I tried watching an episode last week involving a U.S. submarine missing in North Korean waters and all I could think was "Didn't West Wing do this back in season three or something and do it about 10 times smarter with a fraction of the melodrama?" Yup.

sigh Never look for fairness or justice in television. It doesn't exist.

The one bit of good news is this story about the Tick cartoon coming to DVD later this year. Perhaps grown men shouldn't like cartoons, but hey, I'm a geek. And one of my all-time favourite cartoons is The Tick. Not the live action show briefly on Fox. That always felt...unnatural. The cartoon, however, is pure genuis. One of the funniest things I've ever seen on TV. I'll be buying this the day it comes out. So should you.


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Sure b'y said...

Goddamnit! Bunch of idiots. I've said it before too in my blog that Commander in Chief is a very dumbed down version of the West Wing and I guess that's what people want.

Amy said...

Yeah, I watched that West Wing last night and it was pretty good. Maybe too good for American tv, ie Arrested.

That was the first time I saw the show. It obviously blows C&C out of the water.

But all the same, there is something I enjoy about that cheesiness.