Monday, January 09, 2006

Death to Gushue

Well, not really. I've already cursed him out over e-mail because he sent me this meme - "List 5 offbeat things about yourself." I suppose I ought to be flattered that he was curious as to what 5 things I would come up with. But mainly I dislike memes, which I consider littler better than chain e-mail. I already have put the fear of God into one of my friend's if she sends me another chain e-mail as it is.

Still, I have been tagged and so shall I answer. But this branch of the meme dies with me; I won't forward it to anyone else. And I rather doubt it's bad luck. Enough chain e-mails have died with me that if it was bad luck to do so, I would be dead, so would most of my family and coworkers.

Anyway, these are the five things that I spent about five minutes thinking up:

1. I tend to fidget with things. On my death certificate it will read "“Died because he lost his wedding ring." I don'’t like to wear jewelry and I tend to play with it when I get fidgety or bored. Previously, that meant my pocket or wrist watch. Currently, it'’s my wedding ring. It's unconscious, but it drives Cathy nuts sometimes, especially when I drop it. If I'm not careful, the date on my death certificate is going to be sometime this year.

2. I have at least 10,000 comic books and I've read every one of them. I also know an obscene amount of trivia about them. If it's been published in the past 25 years, odds are I know something about it. I'’m a little embarrassed by how much of my brain power is tied up with this knowledge.

3.I sold comic books to buy my wife'’s engagement ring. No, not all of them. Three hundred of them. And I made so much I had enough left over to buy an expensive digital camera.

4. The first time I got drunk was at age 33. I blame Seamus Heffernan for this. Coming home at 2 in the morning to a girlfriend who thought I was dead in a ditch and gave me the cold shoulder for several days pretty much convinced me not to drink for a good long time.

5. I lied to get my first date with my future wife. I told her I had a pair of complimentary tickets to see Pamela Morgan, Vicki Hynes, Anitia Best and Colleen Power at the Arts and Culture Centre. In fact, I didn't and then had to rush to the ACC and hope and pray they had tickets still for sale. They did. I later told Cathy about this. Apparently, each person gets to lie once in a relationship. I blew mine way too early.

Bonus Fact: I'm frequently late for stuff. I was literally late for my own birth. I was suppose to be born Dec. 21, 1969. I was born more than three weeks later. My mother still grumbles to me about this. And all the castor oil she drank because that's what people told her would get me to come out. Little did she know that being late is apparently a genetic thing with me.

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