Tuesday, January 10, 2006

No sign of the times

A few weeks ago I mentioned how hard it can be to campaign in the north. Well, how'’s this for hardcore - Conservative candidate David Aglukark was out campaigning at 8 a.m. yesterday at one of the major intersections in Iqaluit. That meant waving at traffic, handing out pamphlets and talking to people.

It was a balmy 25 degrees yesterday (remember, we no longer need to say "minus" here) and he was out in it for a couple of hours.

So yeah, I'm a bit impressed. Even bundled up and use to it, I'm not sure if I would want to stand up on a street corner in that cold for a couple of hours chatting with people and waving at cars.

We're finally starting to see some life in the federal campaign here. The first posters went up this past weekend in Iqaluit. I doubt we're going to see many posters for several reasons. First, the cost of travelling in Nunavut is such that it doesn't leave much money left over to go out and buy posters. Secondly, posters are even more expensive here because you either have to get them made here (expensive) or get them made down south and flown up here (also not cheap). You also have to have them in two languages.

Want some more? Between random blowing snow and the fact you only get about five hours of daylight, it's often hard to see the posters. I suspect they're more susceptible to vandalism here than down south.

So yeah, the big poster campaigns you normally see down south aren't going to happen here. There is a candidate meeting this evening which I wanted to get to, however my stomach is currently suggesting that's not a bright idea. Which means I'm going to have to figure out who to vote for some other way. I've ruled out the Marijuana Party (a little one note) and the Green Party (their stand on the seal hunt pisses me off). I've all but ruled out the Conservative Party candidate because his main plank seems to be to roll back the legislation allowing same sex marriage. I consider that a socially regressive way of looking at things, in violation of human rights and, if it were to happen, would make Canada a laughing stock in the international community.

So it looks like either the Liberals or the NDP. I'm not wildly enthused by what I've seen of either candidate, but maybe something will happen in the last two weeks that will wow me.

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Jason Bartlett said...

Keep in mind Craig, he's warm because his soul belongs to the devil, and he was promised a cabinet post, proably, I mean who knows what the conservatives give for souls nowadays.

Anonymous said...

Nice comment, really going to win converts to yoiur cause with a statement like that.

Jason Bartlett said...

A cause? I have a cause? Craig how did that happen? Why didn't you tell me posting here meant I gained a cause.

towniebastard said...

I'll be sure to put a warning label on the site - "Posting here may mean you will inadvertantly gain a cause." It's risky business, this blog posting. You never know when a cause may sneak up and jump you.

Just for the record, I do believe the Conservative candidate is a devout christian and may, in fact, be a minister. So it's unlikely he has sold his soul to the devil. But I'll let you know if I hear differently.

Jason Bartlett said...

I want my cause to be to save all the blue M &Ms. Hmm devout christian minister, that some how doesn't comfort me I don't know why.