Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Today's Liberal leadership round-up

I keep saying I'm done with political stuff for awhile, but then I think of more juicy goodness. I actually jot them down at work so I can remember to blog about them later (remember kids, blogging at work is a bad idea.) And you've got to write this stuff down or you lose it. First rule of writing.


Liberal leadership
1. Jesus, Mary and Joseph, is there a Liberal in the country not thinking about running for the leadership? I've seen at least 20 names batted about. I'm surprised I haven't seen Roger Grimes name mentioned.

2. I know there is this big rush to recruit and slap the crown on Frank McKenna, especially since he's now quit his post as ambassador, to lead the Liberals, but does anyone really know all that much about his current politics? Other than he's bilingual and was a pretty successful premier in New Brunswick, I haven't head much else about what he's actually for. Or heard him doing much debating of public speaking. Oh, and that when he does talk, it seems to piss off Americans.

3. I know John Manley's name is being thrown around and I was actually living with The Fear over that happening. Sure, he was a competent, hell even exceptional, cabinet minister. But let's face it, if he was leader and debated Stephen Harper I would be genuinely worried voter turnout would crash since none of us would be out of our comas in time to vote.

There is hope, though. I read a quip from Manley in The National Post. He said it election night, but I must have missed it: "Some may want a dynamic, charismatic leader -- some others may support me."

I'm not saying it's Robin Williams funny, but that's not bad. There might be hope for him yet.

4. The same article also contains my favourite Brian Tobin quote so far. It's not the bit about "fulfilling his obligations in private life." We all know he's going to come back because "people insisted that he was needed" or some such foolishness. No, it's this quote: "There is no need to rush recklessly ahead (with a leadership contest)."

Yes, for the love of God, don't rush ahead. I mean, the Liberals are talking about a convention before Christmas. The last thing they need to do is elect Tobin and then he heads home for Christmas, spends some time with Jodean and the kids and the next thing you know, the "glow of the Christmas lights" will have him quitting again. Then where will the Liberals be?

It's what he's best at, you know: Making big promises, quitting and screwing over constituents. If you want that in a leader, Tobin's your man.

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Jason Bartlett said...

The real gems that seems to be coming out of the liberal leadership race is the "need to heal", and the desire for someone not associated with the past 12 years. I think Craig that's why every liberal is thinking about running, Martin was suppose to be a sure bet look what happened to him. So every loser could be a potential winner. Bizzaro Theory