Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Tobin watch continues...

For those of you doubting that he's going to make a return engagement to inflict more horror in our lives, two stories of interest today.

The first is, admittedly, a false alarm. But it is proof that the media are paying attention to what he's doing now that the Liberals look sunk. It's the third piece down that refers to Tobin.

But this is the real gem of the day. This story reports the majority of Canadians believe Prime Minister Paul Martin should step down if he loses the election. Among Liberals, the first choice to replace him? Frank McKenna. Second choice...Tobin. And the numbers are close - 20% of Liberals want McKenna, 17% want Tobin.

I think what's scarier is the third choice - Belinda Stronach. She's at 12%. John Manley is at 9%.

The story skims on the details. If you want all the dirt go here.

He's a comin' back, folks. They might be early poll numbers, but I guarentee you he's seen them. And if he's that close to McKenna, he's definitely going to make a run for it. Set your watch on how long it takes after the election before we start to see Tobin make more high profile appearances.

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Jason Bartlett said...

The last link had this in response to the Liberal choices provided.43% indicate “none of the above” to the list provided. Again my position is not that Tobin isn't interested and that he won't try, just that he's not the one who will get picked. As for these initial findings, its the end of a 12 year reign for the Liberals, their desperate and sad, so they start playing the name game.

As a West Wing fan Craign, remember when Bartlet's term was first starting to end. Josh and Leo started throwing names out, they were desperate. I think these inital showings can be attributed to depression and scrambling. They also show a large amount 43% of undecided, which a black horse canidate could come into and sweep with.
My last point is that these are the names of people who in the past have shown an interest in the Liberal Leadership, what will happen if some new names get tossed in?

Jason Bartlett said...

Typo on Craig sorry

Ward Pike said...

Come on....

Didn't we all see the great Tobinator comeback coming?

Just wait and see kids! He'l be back, just like the terminator.

Ward Pike said...

Craig, BTW, email me... I have a question for you re linking and such...

Ed Hollett said...

The reaction to the comeback is amazing.

no one saw that coming.

Like Austin Powers reacting to finding out Liberace was gay.

Like in 1996 when I told people Tobin was here for a pitstop before heading back to Ottawa.

Like in April 1998 when I told people Tobin was heading to the polls in the fall (he actually wanted to go in Sept but delayed it) and then like in 2000 when i said...

"Any day now, he's heading back home..." and everyone insisted 'Oh no, bye, he's got lots of stuff to do here."

Yeah right.

Ya know Craig you could start a website dedicated solely to Tobin Watch. You'd draw a lot of traffic. Sell some ads and baseball caps. make a buck.

I mean if it's gonna happen, it's just as well to cash in on it.