Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Tired, so a few links

I know people don't consider curling a hard or tiring game, but if you play 8 ends after not playing for the better part of a month and only three players show up on your team, you really are doing a lot of running around. Plus, I feel a possible bug coming down. So I'm wiped. Rants on the start of the provincial Liberal leadership race, the need for a bus station in St. John's and the general uselessness of the ECMAs will have to wait for another day (like how the fuck is Colleen Power nominated in the Best Folk Recording cateogy? Has anyone on the nominating committee actually listened to Face and Eyes?)


1. My gratutious federal election link comes from England. Or specifially from my favourite writer, Warren Ells, who takes a delightfully obscene shot at Prime Minister Paul Martin. Skip most of the article and just read the last paragraph.

2. I gave up on the Darwin Awards once they became this super trendy thing and when some idiot posted the four boys who died in Pouch Cove ice panning for an award. That struck a little too close to home and the awards were no longer funny to me. Yet, out of curiosity I went to check out the 2005 Award Winners. Of the four, two didn't do anything for me, one was midly groan worthy, but the guy cleaning a chimney with a hand grenade really was the hands down winner.

3. Cows with guns. Do I really need to say more?

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Heather Patey said...

I thought the same thing about Colleen Power - fabulous CD but not folk. Not close. What's the difference between folk and roots/trad, anyway? Maybe, since I don't know that, I'm also unaware of some uncommon definitions they're using. Most of the other nominations I'd agree with, though.

towniebastard said...

Serious drugs are being used to consider that record folk. I guess folk is mostly just lots of guitar strumming, and roots/tradional as a fiddle, accordian or bodhan mixed in somewhere.

Oh, and one more weird thing - Face and Eyes was nominated (I forget if it won) in the local music industry awards in November in the Alternative Album category.

Which is just as wrong. It's a pop/rock album. And a good one. Is it that hard to figure out what it is?

Anonymous said...

After listening to Colleen Power's CD I'm just glad she was nominated and I wouldn't complain what she was nominated for either. Geeesh! Wake up for fuck sakes! Have you even seen how many women are playing the ECMA show? Or Concerts Series? or Songwriters Circle? Come on now, The CD deserves much more and she deserves much more from you! What kind of fan are ya. I guess you're not.

towniebastard said...

I am, quite frankly, getting a little tired of people posting anonymous comments and taking snarky cheap shots at me. This is something that is going to be addressed shortly.

If you have an opinion, put your name to it or bugger off. Seriously.

But to answer what kind of fan I am:
1. I have seen her perform dozens of times.
2. I have bought both of her CDs. I anxiously await her new CD, that she is working on, more than pretty much anything else coming out this year.
3. I used any excuse I could to either write a story, or get her photo in the Express when I was associate editor.
4. A week before I moved to Iqaluit, myself and my wife drove 2 hours, to the St. Mary's bird sanctuary, to hear her play for about 30 minutes. Just because we didn't know the next time we would get to see her perform.
5. I made sure the DJ at our wedding played "The Leavin' Song" at our wedding, because we love it so much.

My frustration is that I wish she were rich, famous, made more albums and would win tons of awards.

If that's not a "real" enough fan for you, well, I can live with your anonymous disappointment.