Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The day that was...

So, not bad as birthdays go...my parents birthday package arrived so I got a couple of things from them. My parents have long since resigned themselves to not knowing what to get me. And really, there is very little people can buy me these days. There's only so many books, graphic novels and DVDs you can get before it becomes a bit tedious.

It's funny, but I did some digging around today to see whose birthday it was today and what famous events happened on this day in history. But none of that stuff stuck. Instead, it was two stories. First, this one about the NASA probe being launched to Pluto (I know it's been delayed until the 18th, which kind of sucks). But it was the whole idea of it being launched on my birthday and that it wouldn't reach its destination until I was 45. It just hit a nerve with me.

Then there was this piece of joy saying we're all dead and doomed inside 100 years. The bright side is that the only people who will still be alive will be those living in the arctic. So it appears I came here looking for a job and instead managed to find a refuge against global armageddon. How's that for dumb luck? If you're all nice, I'll try and find space for you in the storage room.

And to everyone who wished me a happy birthday, thanks. I (mostly) appreciate it. Except Pat. She's a wench, but she knows it and takes as a compliment. And to answer some of your comments.

1 Sure B'y A birthday is better than the alternative. And while talking to my parents I found out my grandfather is a bit ill and one of my mom's long-time friends (I think everyone in Winterton called her Aunt Louie) passed away on the weekend, I'm more aware of it than normal.

2. Jason Thanks...I hadn't considered that. I remember really liking the character of Kitty Pryde with the X-men because she was the same age I was (12). Now I'm 36 and she's 19 or something. Ah, for a comic book character aging scheme. Then again, it might mean spandex. Nothing good can come from that.

3. Anonymous I apparently have a lot of years on a lot of my friends. I need older friends to badger or something. Oh right, I have Colette.

4. Vicki You know, I've enjoyed my 30s a fair amount, really. No mortgage or kids to speak of, but hey, I was alone most of my 20s. In my 30s I got a wife. And I think most of my older friends will agree I'm much more easy going now than I was 15 years ago when I was with the muse. Granted, I was more entertaining and funny in my bitterness, but there is something kind of pathetic about still being that bitter at my age.

5. Nancy I haven't been feeling that restless, actually. After years of wondering what was going to happen next, about where I was going to settle down and if I was going to find someone, it's nice that I have those answers now. And it's nice that with the current job I can save some money and travel, something I'm envious that my other friends are able to do.

6. Dups Yes, I had my crisis in New York back when I was 30. But tell you what, I figure by the time I hit my 40 crisis, you'll still be in the middle of yet another crisis of some sort. We'll team-up and do a super mega crisis. An Infinite Crisis if you will (Jason will get it). It'll be great. We'll terrify everyone we know.

7. Pat (Wench) Oh yes, what are you, 34 or something. You're not that far behind me, babe. Hope you're stocking up on the hair dye...Oh, and no space in the storage room for you when global armageddon breaks out. You're on your own in Clarenville.

8. Scotty Whole hosts of women have voodoo dolls with my name on it. Tell them to take a number.

9. Colette I think Bora Bora for 40 sounds pretty good. Or perhaps Australia. And I'm not a classic car kind of guy. But I still have a few years to think on it. And really, if I'm still in Iqaluit, a snazzy car will do me no good.

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Jason Bartlett said...

Kitty Pryde?! You related to Kitty Pryde, I'm afraid Craig I have to take away your "bitterness" logo forever with that. Infinte Crisis, how dare you tempt me with the book I won't see for a few more weeks when I dare a comic shipment. Dups and Infinte Crisis, does that mean an older Dups will come and make an offer to reboot the world for you:)

towniebastard said...

Yeah, I liked Kitty. Find me a teenage boy reading X-Men in the 80s who didn't. As for reading Infinite Crisis, at least you might get the comics sometime soon. I have to wait until DC issues an overpriced hardcover before I get to read it, which likely won't happen until September.

As for Dups having the power to reboot the universe, I think all can agree that this is a tremendously bad idea.