Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The Glorious Losers

People who want a proportional representation system have been quick to point out that if you went by popular vote, the Greens would have had about 14 seats and we would likely not be looking at a minority Conservative government, but a coalition government of the Liberals, NDP and Greens. Some might be upset that's not happening. Others might be thanking whatever gods they worship that didn't happen. I'm not really sure what to think, other than it would likely be pretty groovy, man...

But it wasn't just the Conservatives, Liberals, NDP, Bloc and Greens running on January 23. No, no, there were a whole host of other parties trying to get your vote. They didn't run everywhere and they certainly didn't win anywhere, but let us take a moment to praise and, well, mock a bit, those who tried but fell short. Way, way, way short.

A friend of mine in Alberta wanted to know, just before the election, who the WBP were since they seem to be running in her riding. Well, they're Western Block Party and they're advocates for Western independence from Canada. I'm sure she'll be happy to know that they received a whopping 1,094 votes. Not in one riding. That's the combined number for every riding they ran in.

I shudder to think that there were 1,094 people for whom the Conservatives were entirely too wussy. Actually, if you throw in the Christian Heritage Party, you can add another 28,279 people to that list.

There were more Maxist-Leninist (9,289 votes) than Communists (3,127 votes). The Maxists also managed to narrowly beat out the Marijuana Party (9,275). I suspect vote splitting with the Communists nearly cost them the "irrevelent left-wing protest vote".

I also have friends who fall into the Libertarian spectrum. Alas, they will be disappinted to know the Libertarians made a poor
showing, failing to even beat the Communists with only 3,003 votes.

The First People's Nations party had a decent go in its first time out, getting 1,340 votes. There might be hope for them in the future. There are several predominently native ridings in Canada. If they get their act together, I could see them picking up a seat in the future.

But the biggest loser of the evening was the AACEV Party of Canada, which is an animal rights/environmental party for whom, I assume, the NDP must be the equivilent of Bush Republicans and the Green Party are just too conservative. I'm guessing Stephen Harper would be worse than Satan. Alas, they got 72 votes. But they're hopeful they can beat the WBP in the next election.

The numbers, in all their glory, can be found here.

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