Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Three random bits

1. Well, thank Christ that's over and done with. I know I was living in fear he was going to run, but a lot of stories coming out today, before Tobin officially announced, that were stating things in a manner that indicated he wasn't going to run. Leaking to soften the ground, as it were.

Then there was Jeffrey Simpson's spot on, and devastating, assessment of Tobin in the Globe today: "Mr. Tobin's a dead duck in Newfoundland, and it's always nervy to choose someone whose old friends offer warnings."

Yup, that's pretty much right on.

2. I nailed about 75% of my picks with the Oscars, which isn't bad. I should have known better to pick against Judi Dench getting a nomination and I thought hard about whether Howl's Moving Castle would edge out Madagascar, but I obvious leaned the wrong way.

Then again, A Shark's Tale beat out The Polar Express for a nomination last year, and that was just weird.

And Nancy, if you have an Oscar pool, I want in. I've good for it...

3. I've had a couple of people interested recently express interest in wanting to know what Iqaluit is like. And it's not that I don't love the e-mail, but that I should probably do something more on it. I'm noticing that I'm getting a lot of hits from search engines from people looking for information.

So I've begun working on a Iqaluit FAQ in a similar vein to the "How to pitch to an entertainment writer". I'll also permanently link to it. It's also looking like it will be a multi-part post, but hopefully it will be smaller than the entertainment article. Hopefully this will answer most questions.

If you have a question you want answered, then e-mail me at: towniebastard (at) gmail dot com. I'll do my best to answer it.

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Tom said...

I would sure appreciate the Iqaluit FAQ, as I may wind up doing a couple of three-month job related spells there.