Monday, January 30, 2006

Half an anniversary

Way back when I was a young geek and managed to get my first serious girlfriend, I used to celebrate every monthly anniversary. I used to buy her a red rose on the 20th of every month, I guess at least partially to celebrate my continued amazement that I still had a girlfriend.

That habit ended once that relastionship did and I haven't really bothered with monthly anniversaries ever since. However, since you only get to celebrate six months of wedded bliss once (well, hopefully I'll only get to do it once) I figure, why not.

Mind-blowingly enough, it was six months ago today that myself and Cathy got married. I'm floored by how fast time has been going since we've been up here. I guess when it's this cold, that's not necessarily a bad thing, but it's still kind of freaky how much has happened so fast.

So happy anniversary, babe. The next anniversary, in six months time, will be spent in some place considerably warmer.

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