Sunday, January 01, 2006

Conversations and Resolutions

Cathy: So babe, what are your resolutions for 2006?

Craig: None, I'm perfect.

Cathy: You're perfect?

Craig: Yup. I think I'm doing pretty ok. I don't really see the need for any resolutions.

Cathy: Riiight....

Craig: Where are you going?

Cathy: To get a pen and paper. If you've got no resolutions for yourself, I can think of a few to jot down for you.

So, my friends, when faced with the prospect of having your wife come up with areas of improvement for you, you'd best sit down and think up a few ways to make yourself a better person.

So let's see...I think I'm eating better than what I was 6 months ago. I was eating Wendy's about three times a week before Cathy got home. So the married life has resulted in me eating better, but I can still do more. But I should get more active. So I guess a few more hours on the exercise bike/rowing machine. And some more curling. I go once a week now, perhaps I'll start going twice of three times. We will see.

I will continue the ongoing project of trying to be less oblivious. I really can be. The fact myself and Cathy are together is the miracle of a moment of clarity on my part. I'm sure there are a string of women from my 20s who will testify that they hit on me, were interested in me, but I was utterly clueless to their interest. I can think of at least two that mock me with this on occasion.

I suspect, just for the record, that this is a genetic thing inherent to the Y chromosome. So I'm doomed by genetics.

Next, I'm going to be more focused and organized. This is different from the second resolution. Oblivious is just not being aware or paying attention. Focus and organization just means knowing what's happenings, setting out the priorities and not getting distracted by other events. So that needs to be worked on.

The next one is to try and write more. I'm doing ok with the blog, but without writing stories, columns and editorial, my output has dropped in the last six months. So I need to work more on that. This isn't necessarily the book that some keep nagging me on, but to just make sure I write every day and maybe starting to set a work limit for myself.

I enjoy the blogging. It offers up a freedom in style I haven't had in ages. Journalism has its restrictions. Ironically, I gave up on History because the writing style for papers was driving me nuts with the all the restrictions. Journalism was so much more liberating.

So here's hoping that by continuing to blog, I can keep developing my style. I guess in 2006 we'll see.

And the last resolution is to keep being a good husband. I'm doing a pretty good job so far, I think. But, you know, it's the kind of thing you got to keep on top of. It's not the kind of thing I want to slip on.

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