Saturday, October 24, 2009

Yay, curling!

So a good chunk of my afternoon was spent trying to get the curling club in shape. During the summer months the place is used as a skate board park. So now we had to clean up the place a bit. Then we had to work on the ice and curling rocks.

You wouldn't think this would be a massive undertaking, but we were still at it for more than three hours today. During the summer months we sent the rocks down south for "fine tuning". About every 10 years or so the stone need to be polished and the edges worked on. The rocks can go off with constant use over the years. So we had to drag 64 rocks weighing an average of 38 pounds each out of their crates and place them on the floor so they can adjust to the colder temperatures. If you take them out of the crate and put them straight on the ice, they can melt it because they're warmer. Oh, and we also had to screw the handles back on them.

Then we had to scrape the ice a couple of times. When they flood the area and it freezes, it doesn't always freeze level. Plus, the top layer tends to be dirty, so we had scrape that off and then clear off the dirty snow and ice.

So yeah, a lot of work for just the three of us. And we have to go back tomorrow for one more scrape, then pebble the ice and finally we'll get to throw some rocks.

Which makes me happy. It's now one month until we head off until The Dominion and I'm anxious to get out on the ice and get some practice in. I need to get the rust off before heading to Toronto.

Although there was one amusing thing that came across my email this week from the Dominion. We have to sign an agreement to participate. Most of it is standard stuff agreeing to use our likeness for promotion and agreeing to be interviewed. But my favourite bit was that we had to be agreed to be miked while on the ice if they asked.

I've got to tell you, putting a microphone on me while on the ice will be an...educational experience for anyone listening in. I'm much better than what I used to be. For example, I'm pretty sure I got in some trouble during a bonspiel in junior high for calling my sweepers "useless cocksuckers".

But I'm much better now. I never yell at my players. I yell at myself sometimes, but never my players. Still, putting a mike on me...dangerous business.

Anyway, the point is, the club will be ready by tomorrow. We'll be giving curling lessons on Tuesday and Thursday night from 7-9 pm at the club. And they're free. So if you're in Iqaluit and would to learn how to curl, swing on by. If you still like it afterwards we'll sign you up and get you on a team. Regular league play starts on November 3.

So there you go. We hope to see you there.

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JH said...

Best of luck at the Dominion. Hope to see some entries from there.