Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hire me, for the love of God

All right, I think it's time I abuse the limited power of my blog. I never know exactly how much power it has, but I know for certain that several people showed up at curling lessons this week because they read about it here. So clearly people do read, so why not take some advantage of this.

I need a job. Not exactly news to some, I suspect. I've been unemployed since July. However, between being on vacation in Australia and nothing much really happening until Labour Day, I didn't worry too much about it. But once Labour Day passed I began dropping off some resumes and checking around. I thought I had a few leads, but nothing has panned out.

It's been about two months since Labour Day passed and I still don't have anything. This would be discouraging, but not freak out territory as I have maximum EI and I'm good on that front until June or so. Plus, I'm aiming a bit high on my job standards. Not to disparage people who work at NorthMart, but I'd really like to not work retail at this point in my life.

But now I have this house I'm going to have to pay for. We're good, between Cathy's job and my EI. There's no freaking out or anything. There is, however, quite a bit of guilt. It would be nice to be able to contribute a bit more substantively towards paying off this insane mortgage.

So, if you're in Iqaluit and would like someone with pretty good writing skills, some communications and journalism experience, would probably fit in pretty nice in a policy shop, why not drop me a line? I'll even throw in some snazzy photography skills free of charge.

If this seems weird or desperate, well, maybe. However, I put something similar up on Twitter today and had two people contact me to give me either leads or suggest I drop them a line. I only have 60 people following me on Twitter and about 300 or so here, so I figure the odds are somewhat better.

Drop me a line at towniebastard (at) Gmail (dot) com if you would like to hire me.

If this actually works, I'm going to be so very impressed.

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BayGirl said...

Hey Townie...currently checking out work opportunities myself...saw this and didn't know if you might be interested...