Monday, October 26, 2009

Lawyers and money, where are my guns?

I swear to God, this isn't going to become a house blog. But this is one of these events in your life that is pretty major - buying your first house. So I will be writing about it. For that matter, I suspect I will be soliciting advice from people who might be wiser on such things than I.

Today's theme song has been "Lawyers, guns and money" by the late genius, Warren Zevon. This lyric in particular - "Send lawyers, guns and money/The shit has hit the fan." - has been hard to get out of my head. We have the lawyer, we're consolidating the money. All I need now are the guns. I suspect by the end of all this, it might be best to keep those things away from me.

So yes, calling banks and financial institutions demanding our money. Dealing with my first lawyer on a professional basis. I have lots of friends who are lawyers, but I try not to impose on them whenever possible. I suspect they have enough friends and family asking advice and don't want to impose on them. So it's going to cost a couple of thousand dollars to get all of this dealt with.

Of course, I shouldn't complain too much as this is a private sale so there are no Realtor fees.

The other thing is that Cathy has already begun shopping for furniture. She's disappointed by what she's seeing on the Ikea website so far. The house might be a touch spartan until we get some furniture in it. The current occupants appear likely to be taking all of their stuff when they move. We really don't want to buy any of the furniture available here in town as it is insanely expensive and your options are very limited.

Now, there is the possibility that we could buy something from Costco online and they will ship it up to us. They do free shipping with mattresses, but I honestly can't see them doing with a sofa. But who knows, they may very well be that insane. It would be all kinds of awesome if they do.

Finally, Title Insurance. Any thoughts on the matter, dear readers? Especially since land surveyors and building inspectors are an endangered species up here.

Tomorrow, something non-house, non-curling related, I promise. I think a couple of book review.

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Sarah said...

By big thing to say is get the title insurance! It is not to expensive and worth every penny it may save you!! Do it!!! Every house I have bought I got it and it saved me on the last one.

Anonymous said...

Hi Townie, I'm assuming that title insurance is what we call escrow here in the States. Escrow ensures that you are not liable for any other financial resposibilities, and that the property you are buying is clear.
Just one more hoop to jump through.
Our 'OH SHIT' moment was raising money for our upgrades while our house was being built. It was like Bonnie and Clyde, only with ATM machines.
Get used to the insanity. And try to enjoy it. Paul and Jackie

Steph said...

We were looking at a Leon's flyer this weekend and I noticed they offered free delivery. Get your lawyer to argue free delivery is free delivery in Canada! :)

tanker belle said...

Buy the title insurance. There were issues with a screwed up survey with our place in SJ, looked like the anglican church owned part of the living room. Title insurance makes things like this much better. It was much cheaper than going through the legal rigamarole of having our living room declared ours.

nadinebc said...

GET THE TITLE INSURANCE!! I know of a few people know who got screwed over because they did not have it.

SRD said...

Never, EVER, buy Ikea lighting fixtures. But we were there on the weekend and their Ektorp and Karlstad sofas were both very comfy. I think a 'Karlstad' is coming to our place this Christmas :)