Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Still trying to learn that lesson

So here's the thing...I'm not saying you should never read a national written/produced story about Nunavut. That's just silly. Yes, some of them are hilarious off the mark or have never met a cliche about the north that they haven't made mad, passionate cliche love to. But some of them are spot on. Some of them view more clearly at a distance than we can see right in front of our noses. Some put what we're going through up here into an interesting perspective. So it's always worthwhile to read and see what's being said.

However, and I've said this before, it is never worth the possibility of heart attack and stroke that comes with reading the comments section that inevitably goes with these stories.

Take today's offering from the Globe and Mail. I don't think there's really all that much new in there. If you live here at all you know about the report card and what it said. This is more to educate a national audience than it is to give new info to us.

Then you go to the comments section and get something like this. It's the first comment, by the way.
I think moving towards self-government was a mistake for the native communities. Claims of racism and blaming the 'white man' for their problems has always appeared to be a key strategy.

And that's right where I stopped reading. There's 20 other comments there, but I knew if I kept reading bad things would happen. You think I would know better by now, but every now and then I trust that the better angels of human nature might prevail. But wherever those better angels live, it's certainly not on the comment boards of newspapers. Or the CBC for that matter.

No, there only lies evil among those boards. Do yourself a favour and avoid them.

And now, a quick question for those in the know here in Nunavut. The difference separating the eighth place candidate, who is the last elected member of council, and ninth place is currently one vote. So Romeyn Stevenson this morning woke up to discover that 596 votes is one short of what was needed. Meanwhile David Alexander is sweating a bit waiting for the recount.

So here's my question. What happens if it's a tie? What happens if both of them end up with 597 votes, for example. How is the tie breaker decided? Because, if I may offer up a bit of advice that comes from having just observed the farce of a mayoral race in Paradise, Newfoundland, please do not use a recycling bin. It's just not good form.

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Mark said...

75. Where it appears after calculating the votes that two or more candidates for any
office have received the same number of votes, and if it is necessary to determine which
candidate is elected, the returning officer shall
(a) write the names of those candidates on separate blank sheets of paper;
(b) fold the sheets of paper so that the names are concealed;
(c) deposit them in a receptacle and withdraw one of the sheets at random; and
(d) declare the candidate whose name appears on the withdrawn sheet to have one more vote than the other candidate.


I am a fountain of very-rarely-useful information

Anonymous said...

I get so frigging frustrated when I read the comments section on The Telegram online, but I can't help myself. It's like a train wreck.

And I agree about the recycling bin. They could have at least used a hat for comedic purposes.

KOTN said...

When they did it in Baker, they used the By-law officer's hat, a grey wool cap. I always liked that detail, and used it in my story about it.

SRD said...

hey, if you google 'iqaluit elections' the blog comes up as the third result (or does google do something clever and know I read the blog?). Anyway, pleased to see that Matt got elected. Now he just needs to start a blog about the experience of being a councillor!

towniebastard said...

Google is just there to serve your whims, Sara. Just like the rest of us...;)

On the off-chance Mat reads this, congrats on making it in. I'm sure my blog....played virtually no role in getting him elected. But hey, at least he swung by.

And Sara had a good idea there. One of the things I liked that Lisa Browne did when she was Deputy Mayor of Clarenville was create the excellent - clarenville.blogspot.com

That way she could let people know what was happening around town and speak her mind on different issues. It was always well done and just a small way of making the town council, and its councillors, more available to the public.

It wouldn't be a bad idea at all for Mat, or another councillor, to do something like that. Lord know the council could stand to approve its image and how it handles communications with the public.

And no, that's not a hint to give me a job...;)

Dooner said...

re: discussion board comments and the news http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OQnd5ilKx2Y

Jackie S. Quire said...

A-men to the recycling bin comment. When I read that (front page of the Guardian, no less) I nearly had milk squirting out my nose.