Thursday, October 08, 2009

Sexy Eskimo

So Cathy and I have been doing some Hallowe'en costume shopping. It falls on a Saturday this year, so it's not like Cathy will be wearing it to work, nor at this time do I have work to wear it to. However, it's possible that someone might invite us out to a Hallowe'en costume party (hint, hint) so it would be nice to have something to wear.

The site we've like the best so far, and will likely be ordering from, is Buy Costume (although the extra shipping fee for the North and customs fees made us seriously reconsider), even though they worry me by using UPS as their shipping agent. However, when Cathy was kicking around the site, and grumbling about the lack of non-slut costumes available, she noticed this gem. It's the "Eskimo Sexy Cutie Adult Costume." This is what it looks like.

It gets better. Here's the description:
She's a super hot Eskimo that will melt the snow that she walks on.

Your favorite igloo-dwelling ingénue makes cold winter nights a whole lot warmer in this zip front, brown, crushed velvet dress with white faux fur trim and pom pom ties. The Eskimo Cutie costume also includes white mittens, faux fur-trimmed boot tops, and a chocolate popsicle prop. When those first flakes begin to fall, find a frosty friend to cuddle up to and show them what "Eskimo Kisses" are all about.

Note the fake fudge stick. Oddly, it might be the most authentic thing about the costume, given the amount of ice cream eaten up here. Also, faux fur is very important for your environmentally and socially aware faux Eskimo.

Well, if not that one, then there's always the "Eskimo Kisses Adult Costume" which is much more subtle.

And again, the description:
Can you keep her warm during the cold nights?

All she's looking for are some big strong arms to keep her nights a little warmer this winter! The Eskimo Kisses Adult Costume includes a tan hooded fur-trimmed mini-dress with attached fur-trimmed hood and fur-trimmed tan boot tops.


I honestly don't know where to go with this. I am a rare loss for words. I knew I had to blog about it because as someone who lives up North, this kind of costume just kind of throws you for a minute. I'd actually love to see someone buy this costume and wear it just as it's shown in the pictures around Iqaluit, telling everyone what they're supposed to be, just to see the reaction. I think it would be priceless.

As for Cathy and I, well, we're going with something a bit....different than that. As for what, invite us to something and we'll see.

(Yes, I am the king of subtle. Sue me)

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The pale observer said...

Hilarious - in a very un-PC, belittling way... I can't believe they publish descriptions like that!

I can't imagine them getting away with the same kind of stereotyping of Africans in say a native African costume...

Holli in Ghana

Anonymous said...

Sheilagh O'Leery is on the phone for Craig Welsh;0) Yu'um are in deep snow now buddy! Fun post, there.

Jack G.

Ron said...

This is my fav.

Sadly they don't appear to have a version for guys. I guess only women get to be Naughty Librarians.

towniebastard said...

Well, if you were really determined you might be able to pull it off, Ron.

Oh, and I note that at 9:59 pm someone from Georgia hit my blog looking for "sexy Eskimo photos". That didn't take long at all.

Morena said...

Hahahahahahahahahaha!! I'm going to pee my pants laughing about this. Thanks for sharing.

ex me i'm seskimo said...