Friday, October 16, 2009

Dorset sale

So tomorrow is a day of much activity in Iqaluit. First and foremost the annual Cape Dorset print sale is happening. Nunatsiaq News has a story here about the sale and if you want to take a closer look at the prints, but can't make it down to the museum for some reason, then take a look at this.

Cathy has sworn up and down that we're not buying a print this year. We've already bought two prints in the past couple of years, so we really don't need another one. But every now and then she hedges her bets a bit and says we clearly can't get one of the huge ones. Or another one of an owl. That does leave a tiny window open.

What can I say, I love Dorset artwork. And what you see on the computer screen does not even begin to do justice to the quality of the artwork. Last year we hadn't really planned on buying one, but once we saw "Grand Entrance", well, we were smitten. So who knows what will happen once we walk through the doors.

So really, honestly, if you live in Iqaluit you're nuts if you pass up the chance to see this stuff. Plus, the draw to see who gets to buy a print is always amusing, although a little less so if you're trying to get one and your favourite is snapped up before you can get it. I also notice the National Art Gallery is having an exhibition, so that's something I recommend if you're in the Ottawa area.

The other big event is the library's book sale. Probably the best deal in Iqaluit, it's all the books you can stuff in a plastic bag for $5. And a reliable source informs me that there is a healthy purge of books going to be happening tomorrow. So we'll be heading down for that as well. It's hit and miss, of course. We've been down there some sales and walked out empty handed. Other times we've walked out with four bags worth of stuff.

So there you go, lots of rocking excitement in the city tomorrow. We can't wait.

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