Saturday, October 03, 2009

Numbers and pictures

Sorry about the delay in a new walrus picture. I assure you all, I've been appropriately chastised for my tardiness.

So, a few numbers for you on this lovely Saturday afternoon in the north.

Give or take a day or so, I started using Statcounter on this blog about four years ago. And like anyone who has a blog and has been using Statcounter for awhile you do tend to get a bit obsessive about the numbers. There are any number of "origin" dates for this blog. I could pick back in March 2005 when I first started. However, I only wrote about a dozen posts and then stopped. So this blog was well on its way to the typical death that most new blogs find happening to them.

However, it started up again in September 2005 when we moved to Iqaluit and then again when I began keeping track of who was coming there. So it's a small anniversary of a sort.

I normally do my larger self-obsessed statistical analysis in January, but a few numbers jumped out at me today. And they are:

#4 - The number of years the blog has been going.

#250,000 - The number of page loads Statcounter has registered on my blog as of around 4pm today. So if you were visiting the blog and live in Iqaluit, congrats. You were #250,000. My 200,000 unique visitor likely won't show up here until November.

And yes, I know there are blog who get that number in a week, but I never claimed to be the centre of the blogging universe.

#9,300, #7,428 and #3,539 - The number of page loads, unique visitors and returning visitors who came to the blog in September. By a mile, that is a new record for the blog. And I have no idea why. The previous highs were September 2008, but that was in the middle of the US presidential election and I was writing a bit about it and getting lots of traffic from the Levi Johnson spoof post. And in January of this year, I hit another new high, but that was due to traffic from the Nunies and the Canadian Blogging Awards.

I don't think I did anything extraordinary last month, but I'm still grateful to everyone who stopped by and had a look.

And in keeping with this slightly vain post, a couple of pictures from today. We took Boo out for a walk at Sylvia Grinnell Park, because the weather in town was stunning. The park is actually much nicer to visit at this time of the year than others, in my opinion, because I'm not running through the place at high speed the outrace the mosquitos

Anyway, one of Cathy...

And one of me in my full Australia outfit, with outback coat, kangaroo leather hat and new shades. I think all that is missing are some cowboy boots, but I honestly don't know if I can go that far. Still, I think it's kind of amusing...

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