Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Psycho ex-provinces

I'm sure every province and territory thinks they have the most insane politicians or the most baffling political happenings. And who knows, they're probably right. I can't honestly say I've followed the politics of, say, Saskatchewan or the Yukon all that closely, so perhaps there's craziness happening there. And hell, what happens in Ottawa probably has them all beat.

But ah Newfoundland (and Labrador). There will always be a special place in my heart for you. You're like a psycho ex-girlfriend who keeps stalking me.

Yes, Trevor Taylor quitting a couple of weeks back was a touch on the strange side, but all right. Politicians quitting in the face of protest from constituents who also happen to be friends and family, not unheard of. Then we have municipal election in which a mayor in Paradise was decided by drawing a name out of a recycling bin. All right, that happens - well, perhaps not the recycling bin, but a tie that requires random chance. Oh, and I'm pleased to see Wiseman is remaining classy in victory.

Then we have Randy Simms, VOCM radio personality and mayor of Mount Pearl, who decided to console someone who has to deal with a town council filled mostly with women by making the following joke:
“There are two men and five women. Oh, my son you have my sympathy (laughter). You and Gary are not going to get your way on anything, you know that don’t you (laughter). It’s just going to be like being at home, buddy (laughter). We’re being nasty to your lady councillors aren’t we (laughter). No, you’re going to have a good crew out there.”

Yes, it's a joke. Yes, you need to a bit touched not to see that it was meant as a joke. But then again, you'd have to be a bit touched not to realize that was going to needlessly pop a few people's blood pressure by several points.

Then again, I'm the wrong one to comment on this, I suspect, because:
A. I hate VOCM.
B. I hate Open Line radio shows, but especially the ones on VOCM.
C. I think it's inappropriate for the mayor for a major "city" to have an open line radio show.

And finally, today saw Paul Oram depart from the Health portfolio with all the grace of a moose being hit by a transport truck in Terra Nova National Park. Health and family were the old fall backs, although as Ed noted, reporters call shenanigans on them being blamed. It's not like Williams and his caucus aren't real bastards when faced with public criticism, so don't expect to much sympathy from anyone over that one. There's also been past president for a minister to take leave if he's having health problems.

There is the strong whiff of bullshit around this one, absolutely.

Oh, and once again, the smartest person in Williams' caucus appears certain not to make cabinet again as Elizabeth Marshall remains mired in the backbenches, while the premier digs deeper and deeper into an ever dwindling talent pool to find a cabinet minister.

It just goes to show what a classy woman she is. Because honestly, anyone taking this much shit over speaking her mind and standing her ground, as she did back in '04, should either quit or walk across the floor. And no one, no one would blame her except for Williams and his psycho cult inner circle.

If Marshall took over the Liberal Party...I'm not saying she's the next premier or anything, but Williams doesn't win 44 seats in the next election. Not even close.

It took the Liberals about nine years to start smelling quite this bad last time they were in power. Nice to see the Conservatives are ahead of the curve.

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Way Way Up said...

Having lived in 4 provinces and 2 territories I think all politicians suffer from the same disease.