Monday, October 05, 2009

Blue Monday

So an accidental day of sloth here at the chateau. Cathy went to bed early last night with a splitting headache and woke up about 11 hours later still with the same splitting headache. So sleep, a ton of Advil and lots of water didn't manage to put much of a dent into it. So she did something rare - took a day off sick.

That means lots of lying around the house with the blinds closed. About the only thing we did today was watch a bunch of random Buffy the Vampire Slayer episodes. No sitting down and watching a season at a time...instead we hopscotched through the first three seasons find ones we liked. Which is a fine way to kill a Monday, but not exactly one that gives you lots of blogging ideas.

And then I remembered something...I have a piece of art I haven't shown off yet. It's this one, which I bought earlier the summer, but only arrived in September.

One of my favourite comic book series is one called Blue Monday, by Chynna Clugston. Here's a link to the Wikipedia page. I love the series, although it's erratic in coming out. But a few months ago I contacted Chynna to see if she might be available to do any commissions. She wasn't, but she did have some art for sale, including this piece. It's the cover to the fourth issue of the Painted Moon mini-series. To get an idea of what it looked like in full colour, you can look at this.

I'm kind of thrilled to be able to own this. I own sketches, which I've showed on the blog before. But this is a comic book cover and it might be silly, but it's kind of nice to own a comic book cover. I plan on buying a frame when I head out to Toronto in November. It'd be nice to be able to find a copy of the comic book and put that it the frame with the original artwork, but we shall see.

Oh, and in case you haven't figured it out, I really recommend picking up the Blue Monday digests. There are four of them, which collect about 3-5 issues each. Plus they're reasonably priced, around $12 or so. And in return you get a fun series about boys, girls, music and high school. Oh, and the artwork is beautiful.

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