Monday, October 12, 2009


So thanks to a little heads-up from a friend of mine in town, we double checked the cost of flights out of here. Little known fact that teachers and NEU employees get special codes that allow them discounts on some flights. We thought we had checked that already and that it would only save us a couple of hundred dollars. But we must have done something wrong because when we punched in the codes this time we got much different numbers.

We also decided to fly Porter Airlines to St. John's from Ottawa. It's a slight inconvenience, what with having to overnight on our way home (we leave the 19th and don't get home until the 20th), but that's a sacrifice we're willing to make to save, no kidding, close to $1,000. So what was looking like a nearly $6,000 trip home for Christmas, is now closer to $3,800.

Don't get me wrong, that's still a silly amount of money to spend for a less than two weeks back home. Still, it's better than what it was 24 hours ago. So if you live in Newfoundland, we might see you during the absolute madness that is trying to do Christmas in Newfoundland.

And now, because I know some of my blogging comrades have been having problems with finding things to write about, I give you a poster from Despair, one of my favourite depressing websites, just to put things into perspective.

Remember guys, sometimes you have to write crap just to get through to the other side. Hang in there.

Last Five
1. Rule the world with love - Barenaked Ladies*
2. You'll be comin' down - Bruce Springsteen
3. Can't stop feeling - Franz Ferdinand
4. Bitches in Tokyo - Stars
5. Mangolia mountain - Ryan Adams


Sarah said...

ummm seriously we get discounts I am a GN employee whats the code or how the heck do I get this code?

tanker belle said...

That is funny. I wonder about the fate of twitter and facebook after the petering off of blogging and myspace.

Jordan~Stephanie said...

Since day one we've found comfort in the T.B.!

It's good to see that even now we can still trust our Godfather to find us refuge!

towniebastard said...

Sarah, check with your union, which is the NEU for nurses. It doesn't apply to all airlines and it may not work in all regions.

And Mireille, I'm considering ordering a calender from Despair this year, but I have to admit the t-shirt I'm linking to below is also tempting because of its accuracy.

Sarah said...

Hey Townie...

that poster rocks!!! and the t-shirt is also quite funny!

..thanks for leading the example in a post per day!

:) Sarah