Thursday, October 22, 2009

Getting shot

So here's a statement that ought to bring my friendly neighbourhood nurse flying up the stairs with something large and blunt...I haven't decided if I'm going to go and get the flu shot.

Hark, I think I hear the sound of feet pounding up the stairs as I write.

I'm not entirely certain I can give you any kind of reason for it. Apparently that's just the mindset I'm in. Much like houses that lack a certain undefinable quality for me, I also don't really want to get the flu shot. It's not as if I'm subscribing to some of the more wackjob conspiracy theories that are kicking around out there. I don't think it's the government out to poison me or that this is actually designed to purge a portion of humanity. Or that through rushing and sheer incompetence this actually will make people sick.

It's just that I've never gotten the flu shot and I've done just fine without it so far. I rarely catch the flu. I get the occasional cold up here, but everyone does. I'm also not in one of the risk groups. Cathy also won't be getting the shot, but for very different reasons. The shot is cultured in egg, which she is allergic to. So unless they want to hospitalize her for a couple of days and keep her whacked out on drugs (not made from egg), she's going to pass.

I mention all of this because the government is getting ready to start a very large, very expensive push on this. And it feels almost like ingratitude not to go and get a shot with the government is clearly ready to spend a lot of money to make sure the swine flu doesn't spread out of control up here.

But I don't wanna. And no, it's not a fear of needles. I suspect, mostly, I just think it's a waste of time because I'm not going to get sick. Stupid, but there you go.

But I probably will go and get it. If for no other reason than I don't want certain nurses creeping into our apartment when I sleep and jabbing me with needles. Because that will give me nightmares for awhile.

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Cam said...

I just read your piece about H1N1 vaccine. You mentioned that you do not plan to get it because you rarely get sick.

While this is a valid point, you are missing one key issue. That is the issue of 'herd immunity.' Basically, the greater number of people there are who are immune to a disease, the lower the chance that it will spread at all.

Do it for people like my 5 month old son, who are too young to receive it; and for people like Cathy who cannot receive it. It is your and my civic responsibility to do all we can to protect these people. The choice is yours.

Anonymous said...

Meh. There are lots of things to consider here and I like that you're thinking about it weighing it. I just wanted to say that I'd be more than willing to sneak into your house and jab you a needle if you'd like!


Have a great day!!~

Anonymous said...

Hi Townie, I have not been sick since 1991. I will,however, be getting the H1N1 shot this year. Its a scarey virus. If I still lived up north I'd be first in line.
Be well, Paul

tanker belle said...

I've never got a flu shot. I wasn't sure whether you were talking about the regular flu or H1N1.

Regular flu kills way more people than H1N1, though that could change. Reg. flu you're not in a high risk group, that's why I never bother. I take my vits I wash my hands a lot and when I do get flu it's very minor...I'm just building up my body's natural defenses.

But H1N1, well, we are the high risk group. The old folks seem to have much better immunity. I don't know exactly what the situation is and here there has been no announcement about mass vaccination for H1N1. I had thought back home that there was still only enough H1N1 vaccine for select high-risk groups only, like health-care workers.

Here, I think I'd opt for H1N1 if it was offered. The hygiene standards are not great and the living conditions of many workers here I think makes them breeding grounds...a nasty disease would tear through a worker camp like there was no tomorrow.

SRD said...

Cam's argument is the best I've ever heard. that should be on the front page of all the papers.

SRD said...

another good reason to get the vaccine - if you don't, and you get flu we'll all have to read you whinging about how miserable you are. it's bad enough when you've just got a cold!

Cam said...

I'm glad you agree with my argument. Too bad so many people fall for all the foolishness and misinformation out there.

KOTN said...

When it is revealed that everyone who got the vaccine is going to develop superpowers, you're going to feel like an asshole, and probably catch the flu too.

Me, I'll be moving objects with my mind.

towniebastard said...

Shit, you get super powers too? Why didn't they say so?

I'm hoping for teleporting ability. That way I'll never have to fly Air Canada again.

BayGirl said...

I have actually been on the fence about the H1N1 shot as well. I have gotten the regular flu shot for the last couple of years because I have asthma and am prone to getting sick. However, while I also do not subscribe to any conspiracy theories, I am thinking perhaps H1N1 is being blown out of proportion and there is nothing wrong with being cautious about introducing new substances to your body...especially newly engineered ones that haven't been around very long. There is a lot to consider on both sides and with flu and H1N1clinics coming up soon, my decision is on the clock...

Cam said...


This vaccine has gone through the same tests, the same factories and labs and followed the same procedures as the seasonal flu shot you have been getting.

I believe that you would be taking a greater risk in not getting it.

Martha said...

I wish I knew Cam in real life. That is the best rationale for the vaccine I have read in the last six months. Sometimes it is not about you, but all of us in the herd. Thanks!