Thursday, March 02, 2006

Yeah, but it's a win

So the good news is that for the first time in about a month I got to experience the thrill of victory during my weekly curling game. That's because my regular team won by forfeit. Which is a win (and the only way that team seems to win these days), but not the one I'm talking about. Because after that game was called I was asked to skip against Nunavut's Arctic Winter Games curling team.

And I beat them. Which was nice for me. Not so much a boost in the confidence level for them if I could beat them.

Did I mention that they were the Women's Arctic Games curling team?

And that, um, they all appear to be about 14 years old?

So yeah, I beat up some teenage wanna make something of it?

The whole purpose of the game was to give them some practice and experience before heading off to the games. And you know, they're pretty good considering how long they've been curling. Shaky to start off with, but once they got going in the fifth and sixth ends, they were making some good shots. It was a fun game.

"So Craig," you may ask. "When you were not beating up teenage girls, were you giving them any valuable strategic or technical tips that might help them when they go to the games?"

Heck no. They have coaches for that. I think if they learned anything from me last night it was the value of cursing. I mean, I'm not naive; they know how to curse. I just showed them the value a good string of curses can have, both as stress relief and as a motivational tool to inspire your sweepers.

"Shit, I should have made that shot."

"Did I tell you to stop sweeping the Goddamned stone!? Sweep, damn it! Hurry hard!"

"Did you see how much that fucking stone curled at the end? Jesus Christ."

And along those lines.

I am an inspiration for youth, what can I say....

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