Wednesday, March 01, 2006

A Super Set of Evil

I've taken to listening to Raven Rock, the local radio station, at work in the past few weeks. I used to listen to CBC Radio on the computer, but tech support quashed all streaming audio and video. I can't really blame them, they do eat bandwidth. I just wish they would have left me my CBC Radio.

(Yes, I can listen to CBC North, but since most of their programming is in Inuktitut and it will be a long, long, long time before I get a basic grasp of the language, there isn't much sense listening to the station.)

Anyway, that means Raven Rock and their generally eccentric playlist.

Full disclosure mandates that I volunteered briefly with the station. Nice enough, but it wasn't for me. Plus, I had this new job, so that was that.

So I was listening this morning when the morning DJ, Tracy McCaie, played what can only be described as a Super Set of Evil. There were five songs, but I was honestly not paying attention to the first two. For some reasons Informer by Snow caught my ear. That was followed by Ice, Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice.

And that point, the station had my attention. I was wondering what McCaie could possibly play to complete the Evil.

It was The Macarena.

In a way, I'm a bit in awe. That's some truly terrible music in a short period of time. If I had been paying proper attention to the radio, I might have gone mad and pitched it out a window. I normally don't mind McCaie's taste in music. At worst, it's unobtrusive. At best, she plays some good stuff. And hey, she's forced to play that hour of country music. Even she admits to hating it.

But I don't know now. I might have to reconsider. Anyone who would put together something that evil merits watching.

I needed something to cleanse the mental palette, so I'm downloading Hawksley Workman's latest, Treeful of Starling from iTunes. Hopefully that will do the trick.


Anonymous said...

You are just a hop away from scheming Greenland, aren't you?

regards, cat`

Vicky said...

It could have gotten worse. She could have followed it up with "La Vida Loca" and "Hit Me Baby One More Time".

Speaking of music....
I was listening to the radio the other day while they were playing "walk Like an Egyptian", which I will admit to enjoying on occasion. It certainly evokes memories, at any rate. Then they annouced *why* they'd been playing it. It's the TWENTIETH anniversary of it being on the charts.


John Mutford said...

Maybe there were playing it as a novelty; "Insanely bad songs from the 90s" or something. Or maybe I'm being naive (why can't I spell that dang word?).

Milli Vanilli, Right Said Fred, and Bobby McFerrin were spared this time around, but tune in tomorrow- wu-hah-hah.

towniebastard said...

I may ruin a perfectly good rant here about bad music, but...

I have heard good version of "Hit Me Baby, One More Time". Just, you know, not by Spears. Travis does a really excellent cover of it. So does Bowling For Soup. It's not the song, it's the singer.

And I've always felt bad for McFerrin. "Don't Worry" was a cute little song until it got massively over played and became a novelty hit. The rest of the record, if I recall, was really impressive. As have been some of the other songs he's done. That one song made him rich, but did kind of ruin him as a talented artist.