Friday, March 10, 2006

The Clotheshanger state...

I was contemplating another rant against South Dakota, but then I discovered that Liam already has a pretty good, world class rant going. That includes the absolutely horrific quote from South Dakota state Senator Bill Napoli that makes assisted suicide look like a better option for the woman than an abortion since she would likely be 90% dead anyway. I'd read it before, on Warren Ellis site, but time has not made it any less revulsive.

So no, Liam has it pretty well down and I see no need to really repeat it. So instead, I give you this amusing graphic that I found on Frink Tank. It's an excellent blog, by the way. It pokes fun at different science stories. Or as the haiku on the side of the page reads:

Four media whores
Who love science, but think it
Could use more dick jokes.

Anyway, this amused me.

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