Monday, March 27, 2006

Lesson learned

So apparently you can't spend as much time as I did this weekend saving the world (i.e. Playing Civ IV) and find the time to sit down and blog. So whatever streak I had going for more consecutive days in a row blogging is over and done with. Ah well. And if you came here the weekend looking for new wit and wisdom from me, well, you were probably more disappointed than you normally are. Sorry about that. Normal blogging will resume this evening.

I will say one thing, however. While I enjoyed last night's The West Wing, I did have a problem with the preview for next week. After seven years for foreplay between Josh and Donna, perhaps it might have been a thought to not give away the will they or won't they in a 15 second preview clip. Gits.


Anonymous said...

Totally agree about the west wing clip - it would have been much better just to have the call out from the hall asking Josh if he had Donna.

And they gave away toomuch about Leo's death - would have been better to just allude to it, not to have Annabeth's screams. It's bad enought that we know it has to happen, at some point, but they gave too much away.

Now, if they really want to make me scream next week, the Donna and Josh thing would turn out to be a dream sequence....

Otherwise, it was a good episode, but I felt that the editing was too choppy. I liked the Toby story, they still have me guessing.

Can't wait to see if they are going to bust Josh for using him as a consultant... They should. It would be interesting.

Owen's Mom

Phat Melissa said...


You have to read all this again (your original post, TB, and OM's response)- but this time view it through the eyes of someone who has been living in the Far East for 7 years and almost NEVER watches english TV. !! :)

I'm like - who ARE these people and what are they talking about?!!
I thought Donna was married to Corey. Who's Josh? And - where IS this West Wing?

Lost in Korea, but enjoying all your blogging!