Monday, March 06, 2006

Poor John...

Judging by some of the comments I've read in other media, it seems John Stewart is going to be down there with Chris Rock and Dave Letterman in the annal of Oscar hosting history.

It's a pity, really. He seem to get his feet under him as the broadcast went on, but he looked nervous as hell during the opening monologue. And that's where hosts live and die. It started off well, with the video clip of all the other hosts saying "Hell, no", but then went down hill.

That was part of the problem. he had a few good zingers ("And now, a tribute to montages), but most of the time he was overwelmed by the video clips: a history of gay cowboys and the politcs of best actress were damn funny.

Also not helping? That right after Stewart's weak opening the first award was for best support actor and George Clooney goes up and gives a great speech, filled with charm. I'm hardly the only one who thought "Hey, I bet he'd make a good Oscar host."

The final nails in the coffin are the over night ratings. It's only the second time since 1987 the show drew less than 40 million people.

As for my picks, not too bad I guess. Once again, Best Supporting Actress lured me in and destroyed me. Just like a woman, I suppose. As for Crash winning, well, I guess my theory on there rarely being Oscar upsets went down in flames. I thought the stories about the movie making a late surge was just publicity to make the awards more interesting. Oooops. This is why I don't bet money on these things.

So now the 2005 movies are over and done with. Here's hoping 2006 will be better, although so far they've been awful. Here's hoping that changes on March 17 when V For Vendetta finally opens...

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Matthew said...

He's a funny guy--and one night does not a career define (unless you are Howard Dean giving a pep talk). So why does everyone care about the Oscars so much anyway?