Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Time is short

Of course today is the day I think of all kinds of cool things to write about and have no time to do it. After getting home from work and getting supper I went to curling. Somehow, despite winning virtually no games since Christmas we won last week's semi-final (I was sick and couldn't play. It was one of those "you won and I wasn't there. Says something about my play, doesn't it?" moments). So the 'B' final was this evening. It was a good game, I shot well and my skip, who is a nice woman but has played shaky all season, played her best game all year and made the best shot I've ever seen her do - a tricky control weight take-out of a partially buried shot sitting on the button. It skimmed past two guards and hit dead centre.

So it appears I've won something. I joked about a trophy, but we actually do appear to win something. How odd. I shall have to find room for it in the same box that stores my junior and senior high curling trophies and journalism awards.

Anyway, after getting home late, getting a shower, chatting with Cathy before she went to bed and then doing the dishes (my turn), it leaves me about 30 minutes of blogging time. Bah.

Tomorrow, I shall endeavour to do better. I have an excellent rant about Windows vs. Mac brewing. Plus there will be a very special guest appearance by Cathy, who wishes to make a statement of her own regarding the great only child vs. multiples debate. However, she would like to say that she happens to agree with Lorie that she is, in fact, a saint.


Anyway, a few links to tide you over.

• I'm curious to see what Inside Man is like because the early reviews for it look quite good and I can't remember the last time I saw a movie in the theatre here (V For Vendetta hasn't opened yet and isn't in this weekend. Grrrr). But I really enjoyed this interview with Jodie Foster. I always got the feeling she was a class act, and this kind of supports it.

I especially enjoyed this paragraph:

"I do tend to play strong women," she tells the room. "I play different kinds of strong women. I've played dumb blondes, I've played morally bankrupt strong women, I've played good girls, I've played strait-laced straight arrows, I've played wild women, yet they're always strong, and I honestly sometimes feel that's my . . .," she pauses, as a few scribes crane their heads and call out quietly, "calling card?" "strength?," words she ignores and says instead, ". . . Achilles heel, as an actress. I don't really know how to play weak characters. I think if I played a weak character you wouldn't believe me. I think it's the thing I can't get rid of."

Not such a bad thing, really. There are plenty of bad, shallow actresses to fill those parts.

• I just thought that Jason might find this funny. Six Flags in the U.S. is looking for people to dress up like members of the Justice League. This alone would be funny, but some of the comments after the article are priceless (and depressing. A lot of people would love to have one of the jobs), including this gem of an exchange:

"oh i could so be robin if i shaved my goatee"

"You'd have to shave more than that. The dude playing Batman likes his boys clean."

• Esquire has an interesting Battle Royal to determine which song you think is the best one of this decade so far (have we actually decided what this decade is called yet? It's getting a little late for it to be unnamed). I ended up picking "American Idiot" by Green Day, but I was happy with my top four choices.

For the record, these were my four semi-finalists. The aforementioned Green Day and:
1. 'Take Me Out" - Franz Ferdinand. I'm not sure if this is a classic yet or if the band will hold up, so I didn't vote for it.
2. "Beautiful Day" - U2. It's a great song, but this isn't even one of their 10 best songs of all time, so...
3. "Hurt" - Johnny Cash. An amazing song. But what really make it great is the devestating video. It is perhaps the most emotionally powerful video I've ever scene (his wife and daughter reportedly wept when they saw it). I don't know if the song is as powerful without the video backing it.

And "American Idiot" is just a kick-ass song of a surprisingly great record. So there you go. Feel free to post what your final picks were.

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Jason.Bartlett said...

Yeah that is funny but more disturbing. I always think marvel does those things better by just having rides and theme based stores in the their ammusment parks. The image of 5 people in poor form fitting leotards is sad sad sad. Not as bad as the spazs saying hey I have good motor bike skills.

I agree with you on "Hurt" and on Beautiful Day. I have Beautiful day on my Nano and I only listen half the time.

Anonymous said...

I've never seen the "Hurt" video but my heart breaks whenever I hear the song...

towniebastard said...

You can view the video here:

It's Windows Media, which means it's a bit choppy, but you should be able to view it.