Friday, March 24, 2006

Oh God!

I will never read Defamer again within the first hour of waking up. Oh my God!


Excuse me, I have to scour my brain with bleach before heading to work.


Mireille Sampson said...

You just had to make me click on this, didn't you...bastard!

Pat the Wench said...

My eyes! MY EYES!!!

Debbie Robbins said...

Sweet adorable Christ what the Hell is that?!? Somebody, quick pass me my brain eraser!

towniebastard said...

If you check, Pat, maybe you can get the sculptor to do something on you for the next kid...;)

Anonymous said...

Why? Just WHY??

This has scarred me deeply.

pat the wench said...

Evil bastid.

Nevermind the fact that Brits had a C-section.

This has gotta be a sick fucking hoax.