Thursday, March 02, 2006

Waiting in the Wings...

I'm mildly in the doghouse as I told Cathy there would be a new West Wing this Sunday. But after double checking the NBC site it turns out that, no, the long, long wait (it's been about five weeks) for a new episode will have to continue. I thought it was a little odd for NBC to put up a new show against the Oscars. Turns out I was right.

On the upside, there is about 10 shows left, so at least there shouldn't be too many more interruptions until the series finale, May 14.

There is also some interesting news along the West Wing front. First, that a bunch of the characters that have disappeared from the show over the years are coming back. Most notably is Rob Lowe as Sam Seaborn, who will be back for the last two. But also coming back are Ainsley, Hoynes and Joey Lucas.

There was a joke I read on another site about how when some of the characters were wished away to the cornfield, the writers joked they were living in "Mandytown". The Mandy in question was Moira Kelly from the first season of the show. She simply disappeared in-between seasons and was never mentioned again. Alas, Mandy isn't one of the ones coming back in the final weeks. There will be some West Wing mysteries never solved.

Another one not coming back is West Wing creator Aaron Sorkin. But that's because he's busy putting together what appears to be a spectacularly kick-ass show. Called "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip", it's a show about being backstage of a comedy show like Saturday Night Live. Aint It Cool News has the cast. So far it's Matthew Perry (Friends), Bradley Whitford (Josh - The West Wing), Tim Busfield (Danny - The West Wing), Steven Webber (Wings), Amanda Peet and Nathan Corddry (The Daily Show).

It's one of those casts you're almost afraid of. The writer and creator is great. The actors are great. The idea is great. You just hope the concept works because this is going to be the show to watch this September.

If it's good, it will almost make up for losing The West Wing. Almost.


Sure b'y said...

You took the words right out of my fingers. As I was reading the cast list, I was thinking jeez, this would almost make up for cancelling West Wing. Let's hope.

Danette said...

Craig..up on this blogging, however,I sure do enjoy reading your posts every evening!!!! Just wondering if you are aware that Danny Williams is on Larry King Live tonight with Sir Paul the seal hunt issue. If you get a chance check it out I am sure it will be entertaining.....