Thursday, March 09, 2006

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I read a lot of news. A frankly ridiculous amount of news. Just one of those things. Most days there isn't much to talk about, to be quite honest. The usual political stuff, which is sometimes interesting, but a lot of times isn't. But today, for whatever reason, these four stories caught my eye.

1. In the best news I've heard all week, Canadian Tire announced they are dropping the annoying bearded guy as their spokesman. "Ted" and "Gloria" (his "wife") have been the spokespersons for the chain for the past eight years. I love this line from the story: "internal research showed that they were starting to wear on consumers by late last year."

Late last year? They've been annoying me for many, many years. Good riddance. Next on the hit list...Jared from Subway.

2. Something that makes perfect sense really. If you recall you elementary school social studies, you may recall that the national motto for Canada, the one that's on our coat of arms is "A mari usque ad mare" which is "from sea to sea." The problem is, Canada is boardered by three seas. We're kind of leaving one out.

Which is why the NDP MP from the Northwest Territories is planning on bringing forward a motion to change the motto from sea to sea to sea or "A mari ad mare ad mare." Another phrase could be "A mari usque ad maria" - from sea to other seas.

You know, I live near the sea that is frequently ignored (Iqaluit actually boarders the very, very North Atlantic) so I think it's a grand idea. It's really a minor amount of work and would help make the North feel more included. So why the heck not...

3. I'm happy they've found liquid water on one of Saturn's moons and that it's leading to all kinds of speculation about the possibility of life, albeit microscopic, on that moon. I always love reading this stuff, although it gets a bit depressed at time. I've long resigned myself to the fact that, despite boyhood assertations, I will never be an astronaut. But I really did think I would get a chance to get into space. That we would have a real, honest to goodness space station in my life time and maybe even a moon base.

Now, doesn't look as likely. We're probably not even getting to Mars in my lifetime. So unless the critters living on Saturn's moon pop by for a visit and take me cruising, I'm stuck here. But taking me out for a spin? That would be ok.

4. I know at least three lawyers visit my blog, so this story is for them. Ten-year-old girl find a Tim Hortons cup in the garbage with the rim unrolled. Her little fingers can't roll it so she asks a nearby 12-year-old to do it. Voila, there's a brand new SUV under the rim.

The question is, who gets the SUV? The 10-year-old girls parents are saying its theirs. The other girl's parents are threatening to take it to court. And apparently the teacher who threw away the cup might also sue.

I'm leaning towards the 10-year-old girl and that if her parents wanted to, as a kind gesture, but by no means are they obligated to, could give the other girl 10 per cent of the money (the vehicle is worth about $28,000). Cathy agrees, and has used playground rules to defend her stance: "Whoever had it first, it's theirs. That's how we settle things."

Oh lawyerly-type people...what's your take?

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Owen's Mom said...

Hmmm... Yeah. What about the school- they own the garbage...

And the 10 year old can't win it - she's a minor.

I think that it will be resolved with the 10 year old's parents getting the cash, and probably (if they're smart enough) offering a nominal percentage to the other girl's family, just as "nusiance" money.

Either way, there is a teacher there who is probably banging his/her head repeatedly on a wall. I love that. To bloody lazy to roll it up to check to see if they won $30,000.00.

johnth said...

The 10-year-old's the winner, her legal guardians can claim it and should (out of niceness) give the 12-year-old some portion of it. The teacher who threw it away.....their loss.

That's my two cents, anyway.

RJ said...

Why should the 12-yr-old get any of it? Just because she helped open something that was not hers? Sure it could be a nice gesture but it should by no means be expected. If I scratched a winning lottery ticket and couldn't quite tell if it was a winner or I obligated to share the money with the person who helps read it? Bullshit. The teacher threw it away so the cup was no longer his/hers. The 10 year old found it, so the money belongs to her(parents). Finders Keepers.

VickyTH said...

You know what? I bet if you asked the kids, the ten year-old would quite happily give her friend some. It's only when we adults get into the mix and throw adult concepts of money around that things get messed up.

Sure the 10 yr old is entitled to it and owes nothing to her friend, but hey, it was HER FRIEND. Put it in kid terms, if you won a chocolate bar and your friend was there with you, as a kid, you'd probably give them some.

No, the 12 yr-old isn't entitled to any money, but I do think that BOTH kids are "entitled" to learn a bit more about basic decency and how you treat your friends from their parents.

The parents, in this case, are behaving like skeets.