Monday, March 03, 2008


It's the day before the Big Day. Will I finally announce what this big deal is I've been hyping up beyond reasonably expectations? Got me beat…no one is telling me anything, so I wouldn't be surprised if it got delayed again.

But no, it has nothing to do with the Brier. Sorry Clare. No prize for you. Although two guys from the club are going to the Brier next week. I'm somewhat envious. I went to the Brier in '95 and I had a blast. Granted, I had a media pass, which helped. Covering big events like that with a media pass is always more fun. And you get nifty swag.

Anyway, sorry for the absence on the weekend. It turned into a severe weekend of Sloth. Other than picking up some groceries, having lunch and renting a movie, I don't think we left the apartment this weekend. Which is pretty spectacularly high on the lazy list, but it just devolved into one of those weekend. Plus, I started a game of Civilizations, so there went about 10 hours of my weekend. It's busy work killing off the Aztecs, French and Japanese, let me tell ya.

The temperature has slowly been getting warmer, but it's also been getting windier. So that means the days when it's only -25, the wind has kicked up so the wind chill is back down around -40. We are hopeful for a nice day at some point where the sun is out, there is little wind and it's around -20 or so. Then we'll go for a nice walk and I'll take the camera out for some pics without worrying we (me, Cathy, the dog and camera) will all freeze solid in less than 30 minutes.

Anyway, a couple of last things before vanishing. This link is for Jen (and welcome back to the North). Given how often she has those strange cat pictures up on her page, I thought she might get a kick out of this. Some of the pics are funny, although some, like this one, is quite terrifying. That dog also looks like a cleaner, less scruffy version of Boo.

And for reasons I won't get into, this causes me amusement. How this critter went from this:

To something a bit more in keeping with his wild nature. Pity about the glass. I'm sure the kid would have made for a lovely snack.

Last Five
1. Gloria (live) - U2
2. The ghost of you lingers - Spoon
3. Bottom of the world - Tom Waits*
4. Avalanche - Ryan Adams
5. Babylon - David Gray


Way Way Up said...

OMG! Those links are just hilarious. Great post!!

jen said...

lol that link was FANTASTIC! Few things make me laugh out loud, but dogs doing weird things hits the

Sheena said...

I laughed out loud upon reading "those strange cat pictures."

We call them LOLcats.